The ‘Not Quite’ Ladies

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Sameera seems to deliver more ‘misses’ than ‘hits’, but we are still holding onto hope that just one of these days she’ll get it absolutely right! In the meantime, this look is bit of a ‘Not Quite’ for me!

As for Jiah, how does a woman who looks so fierce in a photo-shoot go onto give us such a ‘meh’ look? ‘Not Quite’ this one too.


Left: Jiah Khan At The Premiere Of ‘Victory’
Right: Sameera Reddy At The Premiere Of ‘Victory’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think sameera’s dress is more for a day affair. also, even though this sounds a bit ridiculous, i think her hair distracts from the rest of her. jiah is alright. i never found her attractive, but at least here she is neatly put together.

    for the people who think i am always negative: i thought this was a forum where we could express our opinions? plus i find it a waste of effort to post a “she’s looking fab” comment when there are already a million others saying the exact same thing for any one blog entry. so i just speak when i have something significant to say. thanks.

  2. I like Sameera’s wrap dress…it’s cute.
    Right now everything apart from the dress is also black/white.
    Hmm…I wonder if some color in one of the accessories would’ve made it look better…

  3. I know this is meant to be about fashion but Jiah’s face bugs me. Shes had a really obvious nose job needs to go for a revision asap!!!!!!!!

  4. sameera’s dress is nice…for a sunday brunch with friends…not for a movie premiere.

    @ peachbellini, we all have the right to freely express our opinion. its a public forum based on criticising/appreciating famous peoples’ sartorial choices….so fire

  5. Jiah has to rethink her hairstyle and a less wider belt is a different colour would have won it for her.
    I really like Sameera’s dress, but it is more of a day dress i feel.
    there’s somethin odd bout her makeup too, its been that way in most of her recent pics here.

  6. Jiah looks like she is already in her mental happy place. Sameera looks great. Why does she remind me of Rene Zellewegger in this picture?

  7. Loved the peep toes on Jiah.
    The dress looks like a Kookai. I have a smiliar one. Why would she sport a belt that size over it and make it ghastly…

    What kills the look more is the over done curls. Too artificial.


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