WTHeyyy: A Leggings Edition!

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Wow, we thought Kiran was bad but Asha just upped the ante, didn’t she?

Am surprised there isn’t a animal print hair-band and bag thrown in this mix!


Left: Kiran Juneja Sippy at ‘Victory’ Premiere
Right: Asha Patel at Dilip Chhabria Art Event

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  1. OMG!! Thats horrenduos!!
    Whats with all these “Aunties turn Mod”? And I’m no hater…I’m all for equal rights and stuff…But when these ladies start dressing like teeny boppers instead of aging gracefully, it irks me to no end!

  2. The floor on which Asha Patel is standing looks so 80s and so are the outfits .Are these pics from some 80s theme party? That is the only rational explanation for these atrocities..

  3. OH MY GOD! I can’t believe aunties in India dress like these. Desi aunties in USA dress more appropriately! Seriously stick to desi outfits! And cover up.. it’s one thing to show your body when you’re “fit” and “young”.. but I don’t think anyone wants to see sagging skin.

  4. I think we’re being a bit ageist here. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you need to cover up or wear only indian clothes.

    The lady on the right, for example, would look nice in many dresses–it’s just that the leopard print here is all wrong.

  5. I think Kiran looks worse.Everything form the hair cut to those hooker lace leggings and boots…is just way too much to handle. Cant believe she left her house looking like this…
    Asha , on the other hand is just addicted to matchy matchy stuff…I think its funnily cute.

  6. They could really work good with beautiful simple sarees!! (not Manish Malhotra alone) and try to experiment with Jewellery …Try to look beautiful ladies..dont try hard to be fashionable and sexy..

  7. ok after reading your comments and mine I feel bad, we are going to be old one day too and I would cut off anyone’s head if they tell me what to wear and not to wear and how to hide my suggy skin, lets not laugh at old people any more its not cool we gonna get old and expired as well


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