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This young’un often photographed by her mother’s side is fast coming in to her own with some interesting sartorial choices. Most recently she was spotted in a Malandrino leather dress at the ‘Most Stylish’ Awards. She looked good!


Left: Jhanvi Kapoor At Hindustan Times Most Stylish Awards 2013
Right: Catherine Malandrino Leather Ponte Strapless Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. How old is this kid? She’s dressing way to mature for her age!
    She looks like she’s close to 20, is she?
    She does have an inherent sense of style tho!

  2. I think she looks smashing, she has the face and body to pull such looks!! I kind of like Sridevi for letting her daughter make bold choices in clothes!!

  3. P&P…it’s bad enough that she has been paraded around since she was 10, can we stop encouraging her & wait till she is 18 or at least till she drops out of high school & joins the movies, before you start featuring her ?! Please !!

    • If she’s out in a will power dress and attending awards ceremonies, she wants to be featured! her mother started even younger.

      I think we tend to look at these kids in the same way as we look at our own. But they’re growing up in a different environment, to different standards. I’m positive she’s going to aim for bollywood anytime now. So we may as well make our peace with it. It’s for her parents to censor/restrain her choices. Not us.

      • Sridevi will be the first to cry foul if the reporters start printing negative stuff about her. She will say ” Leave her alone she is just a 16 year old”.

    • As the mother of a teenager, I must agree. My daughter has lovely age-appropriate dresses from Milly, Zara and Lilly Pulitzer. There are so many choices out there for teens to look lovely in without looking precocious.

  4. I am not quite on board with the metallic colors she is mixing in her shoes and clutch. Shoes are a shade of gold/nude and her clutch is silver/grey.

  5. i dont have kids, but if i did i wouldnt want them to dress like this when they are 16. and i certainly wouldnt like it that they are featured on a fashion blog. with that in mind, this is the last time i will comment on a blog post featuring jhanvi.

    • I wrote something along these exact lines but my comment is still under “moderators consideration” as most of my comments are…and I swear, I don’t even write anything inappropriate or use bad language or anything !! Talk about censorship & trying to be in the good books of celebrities !!

  6. Sridevi is a smart mom for allowing this. She still gets to supervise it all. Otherwise teenagers in this day and age can get out of control so easily. I’m glad that by allowing Jhanvi to be part of the whole thing is going to earn her more respect from her girls and they’d not mind being their mom’s friends even when they grow up. Go Jhanvi! Go Sridevi!


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