Its A House, A Gourd, An Egg…Its A Bird House

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For those of you with backyards, gardens and green thumbs, you’ve got to be bored with the same old-same old bird houses by now, quite like the one above, a simple classic design available at Sprout Home for $26.95. However, if you look hard enough, there is always good design to be had, just in the vicinity! Like this gorgeous Turquoise Gourd Bird Apartment, also from Sprout Home for $74. Can you imagine, how much fun and immediate spunk you could be adding to the landscape?

Buy Via Sprout Home

But nothing quite beats the next one. It wins the prize for combining function with impeccable design. Am talking about The Egg Bird House from J Schatz which comes in a myriad of vibrant colors! It is a little pricey at $125, but I can’t think of any which way it can get any better…

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