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Have to say, Avantika looks fierce. Those pumps are dangerous! As for Imran, not a fan of that tie. For some reason that shiney satiny red with all that black just reminds me of a ‘Mariachi band’!


Imran Khan And Avantika At ‘Vagina Monologues’ Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Avantika looks very well put together. Imran looks very handsome. He could have skipped the tie but I guess he knew what he was doing when he wore it. Minus the tie, everything is looking good.

  2. I think they both looks great! V. egdy, quirky and fun 🙂
    …but I am sort of biased-lol (case in point- I like the tie becasue it’s quirky and I know he likes quirky ties and I’m in LOVE with his personality so …:D 😀 )
    props to Imran for being the first male to recite in the Vagina Monologues!

  3. WOW Avantika has lost a LOT of weight and is looking smashing! Kudos to her…I also think she has started to pay more attention to her looks when she is hanging out with him…which is nice…you need to look good when you are being photographed!

  4. i think without the tie it wouldn’t have been very imran. he always has something quirky in whatever he wears.
    and yup love avantika’s look! looks like she just threw it on and it all worked out by coincidence…which is awesome for casual looks

  5. i love those shoes and the jacket.. a tad too hot for bbay.. but hey looks good!
    Dont dig the super shiny tie! it distracts the moment u see the picture,

  6. Love the jeans perfect fit, NEED , WANT will STEAL the jacket. PP: Who is the jacket by? She wears a lot of H&M, Bebe and top for once Ii might be able to buy the jacket. And someday the jacket will grow up to be a lovely chanel tweed.

  7. lurrrve her!!perrfct sense of co-ordination!!n dose red pumps!!!!they r to die for!!
    n frankly i love d tie on imran…its actualy makin d usual black thing dat he is dressed up in, look exciting!!or may had it been smbody else, i wudnt have liked he’s carrying it well!!

  8. Wow… Avantika looks fierce!! Love the whole look (the shoes are to die for NO DOUBT there) but what makes it work is the right length & fit of the jeans… we know a couple of celebs who could take a cue from this for the right way to wear jeans with heels 🙂

  9. They both look so cute…and sweet…I need insulin. But honestly I LOVE her jacket and those pumps are too hot.
    Also, I like the fact that he is dating a shorty (because I’m a shorty). I’m just so happy I fit into his type!! He is my dream man 😉

  10. A looks good, she has lost weight, the narrow jeans suit her. Finally she is over the tent dress phase. Do not care for the way Imran dresses, hate the thin tie,

  11. Avantika looks freaking amazing!! This is the best she has ever looked. I hope it’s only uphill from now on.
    ps she gest extra points for coordinating her outfit wearing light blue jeans. I find it so hard to wear tops & jackets with light blue jeans – I always come off looking too casual.

  12. Please let me know eherr these pumps from??? i love them so much. I am seraching forthe sam e everywhere but just failed to get those. I hope high heel confidential can let me know


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