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Turns out that prior to her appearance in Delhi in the blue AND by Anita Dongre number, Gul was also wearing an Anita Dongre dress at the Mumbai premiere. This though was a piece from Anita’s Iinterpret label.

After seeing it on Carol on the runway, I have to say that Gul just didn’t have the height to pull this one off. What was a perfect length for Carol was just too long for Gul. Also, the high neck didn’t flatter her one bit and just made her look more top-heavy than she actually is. But, I still looove the gold sandals!


Left: Anita Dongre Iinterpret, Spring 2009
Right: Gul Panag at ‘Straight’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow..that’s a big difference! After seeing this, how tall is Gul, actually? If those are heels she’s wearing also, then I am definitely surprised. By the way, the dress looks great on Carol. 🙂

  2. lol…far “top lighter” indeed
    HA! I am so using that from now on 😛
    Carol looks fab! I love the dress and it’s unusal length + those platform sandals and the red lips look super chic
    also, the color flatter Carol more

  3. loveee it on carol.. worn well the dress looks so quite stunning and not the least bit frumpy, i wonder why Gul refuses to move away from clothes which are just oh so wrong for her top heavy figure… I often wonder , as i am not really good with hairstyles.. does Guls hair really flatter her facial structure? i makes me want to sweep the hair away from her face to see her without the mop of her on her forehead for once!!

  4. Meh..boring. Wish she accesoried it with more ‘fun’ colours instead of the safe gold. Looks like a greek marble statue.

  5. I think to be a part of Miss India you have to be at least 5’6 not 5’8.. so it’s possible that she is only 5’6 whereas runway models are typically taller. This dress is wrong for her body type, but for some reason (based on what I’ve seen Gul wear in the past), I have a hunch that Gul likes to appear top heavy. That might be her thing. (Remember the too tight graphic tee’s she used to sport?)

  6. this is a very unflattering dress in general only someone who is reeeeeealy skinny and 6 ft tall would look good in this…does notwork on gul and just about ok on the model.


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