Doing The LBD: A Face Off

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Which lil’ black dress did you dig more? The sparkly embellished one on Rita or the metallic sheen one on Queenie?

Rita Dhody
Queenie Dhody


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  1. neither.. would pick rita’s if i absolutely had to choose one. btw, this is a lame question, but are these two related? or both ex-wives of farukh dhody?

  2. So whats with all this Queenie facination??? I’m kinda getting sick of her as well…come on P&P, I’m sure there are better celebs we can talk about.

  3. RITA dhody was first wife of Raja dhody.. businessman.. they have two daughters..
    in early 90’s .. their marriage fell apart..when raja fell in love with mode/beauty queen queenie (real name jasmeet).
    so raja divorced Rita and married Queenie

    they have a son & daughter..

    but their marriage fell apart as well ..and are getting divorce now..
    Queenie rumoured to have cheated on Raja..

    so there

  4. NEITHER!! Hate Rita’s belt and her shoes…hate the material of Queeni’e dress (like her shoes and clutch though).
    “Queenie” — Weird name alert!!

  5. Queenie looks much older than Rita. I was totally going to write that Rita’s is better as she has youth on her side. After reading the comments, not sure if that is the case!

  6. Guys – aren’t we going a little overboard with the critiques? I see no reason to hate on Queenie because she has a “weird” name or dresses skankily or whatever. (The comments on Queenie’s saree wearing really get my goat – there is no “wrong” way to wear a saree. Just because in your grandmother’s time people wore sarees above the navel does not mean that it must be done the same way now.) Her real name’s Jasleen, but she prefers using her nickname. To me, that’s a human touch to a woman/celeb many regard as being cold and unreachable.

  7. hmm prefer queenies (probably the shiny sparkly fabric of queenies photographs badly?) i do not care for the pouffy saddlebags style of rita’s dress.Also rita’s belt looks like aluminum foil.


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