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Amrita Arora At ‘Hello’ Music Launch

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  1. The embellishment around her waist isn’t helping; neither is her habit of leaning back when she stands – it makes her look like she has a tummy. The Gucci clutch is cute.

  2. Two most overrated sisters. One is a skanky mom, the other is a skanky serial dater. She really should do something about those two blotchy red spots on her cheeks. I never seem to get past that with Junior Arora.

  3. They are lovely girls, ambitious – yes, but independant and sweet girls, who will do it their way… they are both buds. Madhu they both have lovely skin, Amu uses beetroot on her face for natural rouge, she has lovely skin, thanks to genes and Jamuna Pai…she looks nice in this outfit, has got herself a stylist…so blame the girl…

  4. Okay Adit, I think put that way, I’ll go easy on them. Obviously, I realize that it is thought that being an ambitious woman makes you a skank a B and all that; never thought I’d give into that thought process. Point taken and well received. But Adit, why in the world would she put beetroot on her already pudgy and red cheeks? No? Thike, I’m not here to judge, after all, who knows Madhu, everyone only knows Amu and Mallu, so I guess point taken again:).

  5. An outfit maybe skanky but lets not call people skanky so effortlessly!
    On an aside, that is why Payal and I cringe when we read comments about certain ‘celebs’ giving off vibes as being skanky. A look may be skanky, calling a person s@#$ty isn’t okay! Or when declarations are made about living off of wealthy husbands, not cool either! Or when rants happen about fat arms, ‘tonds’ and weight issues. And then people wonder about why there are such weight related anxieties among the women today… You can dress in clothes that are the wrong body type but making comments on the body type itself isn’t pleasant. Declaring their faces as ‘ugly’ isn’t cool either. Shoes, yes. Faces, no.
    We don’t quite get the elitist type of comments either that declare for instance, they don’t care what Nandita Das wears because she is so intelligent/intellectual/smart etc. I doubt any other actress is less smart/accomplished because she chooses to do commercial cinema…
    Judgement will be passed on fashion and style, good or bad, not on people, their professions or personalities but purely on what they chose to be in the moment they were photographed.

  6. Priyanka i love what you just said. it’s true… they’re there to entertain us n they really do their level best. it’s not easy when u have to look good almost every minute of the day just to meet the viewers’ expectations.

    Apart from that, i think ‘matching’ is back in considering international celebs frm hollywood say (esp victoria bekham!) BUT u just need to do it RIGHT! 🙂

  7. Payal, I just wanted to comment on your comment. I think as a fashion critic you should realize its not only the clothes that matter but the person who is wearing them. I don’t think you should use censorship on the comments. I regularly visit your blog and I do enjoy reading the comments about the weight loss/gain, infact you have commented on peopel’s weight yourself. Anyhoo as celebs they put themselves out there to be judged and loved and criticized. You have to agree some starts give skanky vibes, for instance CoCo she always wears outfits that show her cleavage and are just really tight on her ass and shes a playmate so don’t you think we can call such a person skanky? If we can call someone beautiful, can’t we call someone skanky if the situation comes?

  8. You guys freak out so much when ppl match much that you don’t realize that the ones who don’t match much have an almost uniform look going on shoes with black dresses or yellow clutch with white top denims..this kind of puts me off.nothings wrong with matching need for pop of color all the time..that itself is getting to be boring


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