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Sure its a regular outfit, an Ed Hardy tee, skinny jeans teamed with basic pumps… but its Sameera Reddy and at a recent movie premiere she looked sweet! After her previous fashion misdemeanors with ‘ott’ make-up, ‘wthey’ clothes and mismatched shoes, we love her here!

saneera-hancock_prem-11.jpg saneera-hancock_prem-2.jpg

Sameera Reddy At The Hancock Premiere

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  1. i don’t lilke ed hardy shirts. what’s so great about wearing huge skulls on one’s clothing? and they’re getting too common with bombay celebs.

  2. she looks great and simple…I don’t really like Ed Hardy either (my friend DOES have awesome Ed Hardy boots though 🙂
    the makeup is a bit …bleh , but other than that…

  3. don’t care for sameera — she makes even a simple ensemble look s**tish. the hair’s all wrong for a jeans-tee look.

  4. ed hardy has such a wonderfull collection of other prints as well but dunno wht fascination ppl hold wid wearing skulls, de might jus as well wear sm cheap hot topic stuff for skulls n bones


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