Yay For Ritu Kumar!!!

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Update: So, turns out it ain’t Miss India who won the National Costume award! She alongwith nine others were selected as the winners of the top 10 best National Costume show. Click here to see the article.


Ritu Kumar’s design for Ms. World Simran Kaur Mundi won the Best National Costume award at Miss Universe 2008!

Now, I didn’t like the cutout choli at all but am so in love with the lehenga!!!

miss_universe_simran.jpg miss_universe_simran_ritu.jpg

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  1. Beautiful!

    Now this is how u use blinggg …unlike a certain Mr. Malhotra!

    look at those yummy designs…! yeah, the blouse could have been better…but doesnt take away much from the dress…

    how did Ms.World end up at Miss Universe 2008?

  2. don’t care for the choli, though it reminded me of juhi’s lovely choli in the song ‘Ghunghat ke aadh se’ from Hum Hain Raahi Pyar Ke. THOSE were lovely off-shoulders!

  3. Not doing it for me. Too colorful. I love the pink chunni though. And the way she has the two chunnis is the way you want to do it when you are dressing up as a bride. Use a lighter chunni to cover your head.

  4. No wonder she is an internationally acclaimed designer whose clients include international celebrities including the late princess Diana.

    This lehenga is TDF!! I wonder how much it would cost. And the necklace is also really beautiful!! I love Ritu Kumar. This is by far the best lehenga I’ve seen recently. Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra please learn from Ritu how to design and color coordinate a Lehenga!!!

  5. what is wrong with ms indias these days??? india should send ppl like deepika to intl contests.. why dont they send established models?

  6. the lehenga is beautiful.hate the front-open blouse when not covered.. looks cheap.. but overall, the outfit would have looked better on someone with a waist me thinks!!

  7. I wouldn’t have liked it much if I hadn’t been helping a friend search for some colour combos. The world is FULL of icky colour schemes and tacky bridal clothes. Very disappointed with internet browse.. In comparison this seems elegant and subtle .. It’s pleasant to look at. definitely

  8. I’m surprise you guys didn’t notice… Lara Dutta also won Best Costume at Miss Universe 2000 (which she also went on to win): her outfit was also designed by Ritu Kumar and if you remember what it looked like, don’t go into deja vu! It’s almost a ditto replica of Simran Kaur’s lehenga-choli = same cutout blouse, red lehenga, and even similar jewellery. Only the design on the skirt differs. Has Ritu Kumar run out of ideas, or does she think no one will notice the repeat ‘inspiration’ from her own designs??!

    P&P, i’m mailing you the pics (not very good quailty) found of Lara in her Best Costume.


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