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Malaika was back in yellow and in Bebe at the recent GQ magazine launch, and looking good while doing it…

Malaika Arora Khan

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  1. Love the dress.

    Color – B+ (looks good on MAlaika but I am not sure if I can pull it off)
    Length – B+ (i think it should be a little longer to make it look not “pretty woman” kind)
    Jewelry – A
    Hair – A
    overall – A

  2. i know.. malli.. always dress bit on slutty side..
    but there she looks kinda cute.. i like the look.. love the color on her skin.. and love her hair pulled up.
    and thank god no back pose..:)

  3. Somehow I dont get this dress, or even Priyanka’s blue one which was very similar. It looks like a towel wrapped around…how come everyone seems to like it???

  4. I actually like her look in this one…maybe its coz of the hair…she looks pretty casual and comfortable and that color looks good on her skin tone. But not liking that black thing (elastic or thread?) arou nd her wrist…

  5. she looks better than I have seen her in a while
    love the sleek hair and the minimal makeup and jelwery
    she looks GOOD
    on the other hand, I saw Ashley Tisdale wearing this dress ..which says something

  6. I love Malla’s hair. This is probably one of the better hairstyles for her. As for the dress, it’s great on her. I don’t know, but, the reason I am never digging this sort of ensemble is that I can’t wear it personally. But, Malla’s rocking this look as always. Sometimes the plunging necklines she favors are sort of far removed from the real world. No? I can just imagine my boss’s face if I rocked up in one of those numbers to a Xmas party…ha ha! I think I’d get a promotion straight away though…

  7. i actually hated the dress when i first saw it on the bebe website. its a tube dress, short, tight and almost backless!! it literally shows everything!!! but i have to say..malaika carries it off mighty well! =)

  8. wow! this dress is fab! kinda like the shantanu nikhli dress priyanka wore a while back. wat i like best is that this dress is totally affordable.

  9. malaika has the personality n charm to carry anythin its not a surprise tht she luks soo hot..

    but i LOVE her hair n make up n such simple jewelry..she luks very nice at event!


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