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Its that dress again!


Tara Sharma
Left: At Kenzo Store Launch
Right: At GQ Magazine Launch

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  1. I think I am going to be a dress designer now. I better start making my table cloths and old bed sheets into some expensive dresses and sell them to brand name suckers.

    What should I call my brand name? How about riding the recycle/green wave and call it “Hariya Purana Cheethra” collection? Sounds exotic and expensive isn’t it?

  2. seriously really ugly dress. tara should not wear this again ever!! i think this looked good only on sonam in the grazia shoot and that was only because it was her wearing it and the lighting was nice!!

  3. what is with this hideous dress that has everyone flaunting it ?

    and tara couldn’t get it in her size.. its trailing and sweeping the floors.. whats worse than tacky clothes? — ill fitting tacky clothes.

  4. Hate the dress, but I’m glad she got a hair cut! It looks rather cute on her. Not that her long, silky tresses were not nice… but they really got boring after a while. This is a good change for the pretty Tara.

  5. Why is there an extra foot of material at the end of the dress? Does Tara lift the dress whenever she walks around, or does it sweep the streets and pick up twigs and spit and plastic bags?

  6. i didnt like this dress thn nor do i like it now..the extremely bright colors dont work for me n the length is well we all kno wat im gonna say soo


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