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Genelia, we know you know this look isn’t much to write home about!

Genelia D’Souza In French Connection At An Event For Ambi Pur

Genelia D’Souza At An Event For ‘Ambi Pur’

Let’s face it, this rather basic FCUK dress and Zara pumps pairing is hard to get excited over, and you Genelia aren’t helping!

Living as I do in Dallas, I do know a thing or two about big hair. And this just doesn’t dice. The ponytail priestesses (also referred to as PnP commonly around here :p) prescribe a hair tie… It sure would’ve helped the dress + pumps look more polished. Despite the infectious smile, this look is meh at best!

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Genelia D’Souza At An Event For ‘Ambi Pur’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Dallas?? Really?? Please stay anonymous, if you wish, but give us some more context for who you all are! Your site is like a good friend.

  2. I sometimes wonder, if these celebrities look at themselves in the mirror to see how they look. Hate they way the dress is creasing around the hips.

  3. She looks fine. It’s not high fashion but every single thing a person wears doesn’t have to be a huge production. She’s not going to the MET costume gala. She’s selling water filters for god’s sake. It looks appropriate though nothing special.

  4. Okay thanks for giving context on your whereabouts. Now your fashion critique can be taken with a grain of salt. I thought she looked great!!!

    North Eastener

    PS: love your blog


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