In Shivan & Narresh


Wearing a Shivan & Narresh cutout dress, Poorna attended a fundraiser for PETA. White earrings and strappy white sandals completed her look with orange lips adding a bit of color. She looked good.

Speaking of fundraisers, have you heard of the award-winning theatre production, Nirbhaya? To learn more about the play and what you can do to bring it to India, go here.

Poorna Jagannathan In Shivan Narresh At PETA Fundraiser-1

Far Left: Shivan & Narresh
Centre, Right: Poorna Jagannathan At PETA Fundraiser

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Poorna Jagannathan At PETA Fundraiser


  1. Err. That dress. Those shoes. Her lipstick. Hair. TACKY. If not for anything else, she sure has a great fan in you ladies. I mean if Avantika/Vidya B can get away anyone can. lol


  2. I really think you guys are biased towards her. Hate the orange lips on her. Sometimes one should just wear what looks good and not try and be the fashionista all the time. Agree that she tries new things but they just don’t suit her. For me fashion is about being comfortable and looking good and not blatantly copying what is in vogue.
    But then again, its my opinion. :)


  3. Her dressing sense, and “fashionista hipster” status are like the emperor’s new clothes- nobody wants to be the first to say that they’re, ummmm, kinda non- existent.




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