Footwear Gone Wrong.

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One thing Sameera taught us, was how not to do footwear! Agreed that these ladies are better, at least their footwear isn’t downright dowdy (we actually sort of like them!), but it still doesn’t quite work… And thats because they are sooo severely mismatched with their outfits!

Why do shoes get the step sisterly treatment? They can often make or break an outfit…

Hansika Motwani
Minissha Lamba

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  1. I prefer Minissha’s but wish she used it to give edge to the softness of a feminine outfit…not make an overtly sexy dress…even more edgy…here she looks like she is trying to ape Malaika Arora..!! then its their makeup…Ms. Motwani has gone au naturel almost but her expression says..I am haughty..and then Ms. Lamba always has this oohh-i-am-so-confident but comes off as haughty…o well..

  2. I like minisha’s shoes (not the best with the outfit). Love her nail polish as well. The yellow dress, pink nail polish everything is so spring. even though spring long gone. i guess its just the shoes

  3. If they switched it might not be so bad….hansika’s dress has a little of the green that matches minisha’s shoes….and minisha’s dress would have been made cute with hansika’s shoes

  4. I like Minissha’s shoes a lot!!! I would totally wear something like that. As far as being a mis-match with the yellow dress…hmmm I dunno…if I squint at it long enough I might like it the combo even..its not horrendous or anything…and the shoes by themselves are great!

  5. i wish Minisha had worn white shoes.. but sutle.. i like these shoes a lot! but the heel would just scare me away.. i dont think this girl is pretty tho..
    I liked Hansikas shoes when i first saw them..

  6. Totally disagree on the Minnisha bit. Love the footwear, love it with the dress.
    Not that I’m a huge fan of the dress by itself, the wide cinch at the waist trend needs to die out now, it’s tired. As it is we spotted Indian celebs latching on to the trend one season too late (Preity kicked it off, if I’m not mistaken).
    Even the high waisted pants were done a season after they’d been done elsewhere. Die, high waisted. Boring now.
    Back to Minnisha though – the shoes make the ensemble interesting. Love em.

  7. I prefer Hansika’s shoes. Minisha’s shoes are too futuristic and not matching the spring cool dress. She should have wored little silver high heels shoes, showing her nails. And Hansika’s dress and shoes do match a bit but maybe some boots would have done justice…so long!!!


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