From Runway To Shoot!

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Did you know that the dress worn by Katrina for the title song of ‘Welcome’ was a Pucci?

Well, now you do!

welcome_pucci_katrina_kaif.jpg welcome_pucci_katrina_kaif_silver_dress.jpg
Above: Katrina, ‘Welcome’ Shoot
Emilio Pucci, Spring 2007


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  1. :0
    no, but I distictly remeber pointing out to my aunt that it was a nice dress, she looked stylish in it and that she looked good in short dresses

  2. No
    but I disnctly remember complaining to my aunt that Mallika just tries to show off her body while Katrina actually looks great while looking sexy at the same time and that short skirts look good on her

  3. Agree with Shravanti here.
    I have read that bollywood has costume designers that stitch outfits within days for shoots. Sometimes the heroines tell them what they want and the designers re-create them at the cost to the film producer.

  4. Agree with Shravanti n Lolita here,
    I mean it is just an embellished sequin dress, even if they were to recreate it, I would hardly call it a rip off! Such a dress has been around fr ages.

  5. yeah.. it could be a good rip off.. i agree, she looks great in short skirts and stuff.. maybe she knows how to carry them well enough and not over expose


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