More Or Less?

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Spotted Karishma wearing a one-shouldered sequin top that reminded us of Nina’s Gayatri Khanna frilly one. It begged us to ask the question whether do you prefer wearing something simple like Karishma or prefer ‘bling’in it on, if it is done right?

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Left: Nina Manuel, Brunch at Sake Club
Right: Karishma Kapoor, Inauguration Of Utsav stall at IIJS

Edit: Swapped Pics, Added photo gallery

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  1. Karishma looks white-washed literally!!…its strange how the colour white fades her out..wish it was a slight tinge of pink/orange or any color…like the ombre effect…would have been sooo much better…or if only she had used a colourful accessory..coloured earrings or a simple necklace..

  2. da onli similar thing in dese 2 dresses is that they are one shouldered…
    Karishma looks so much betterrrrr
    simple subtle elegant

  3. Karishma’s top looks like it IS one shouldered. Nina’s looks like a short skirt that has been worn on the upper body. Karishma looks ok but Nina looks pathetic.

  4. i like karishmas better.. simply because the other shoulder is without a sleeve.. and hence it works..
    yep she looks soooo pale! God!

  5. Karisma should totally stop working out now. Shes lost oodles of weight and its reaching a point its not looking good anymore. Looks like she didnt look very far for the sick size zero inspiration!

  6. Well I like Karishmas better on some other person.
    However, it looks horrible on her. Totally washes her out. And eventhough Nina’s is not something I would wear, it strangely enough looks good on her.

  7. karisma’s better between the two, but there are much better one-shoulder tops out there. plus the fact she’s looking so painfully thin doesn’t help.

  8. karishma gets younger and hotter each day. love the top on her. it seems that dumping a certain mr bachchan does wonders for a girl’s style and looks.

  9. The girl next to Karishma , in the black top has got pretty hands.(Only thing nice in that whole slide show!).
    Dont like Nina’s or Karishma’s top.

  10. i love karishma’s. i also wish i were as well worked out as her. but yes, the problem with being her complexion is taht its easy to look washed out.

  11. Tanmay

    I know, I know… we’ve been promising a fragrance post for ages now but its so darned subjective, but we will try and churn out a post one of these days… Promise, if the word means anything at all! 🙂

  12. karishma looks so better than nina..not that karishma is lookin perfect ..she looks sick bt nina her top , and her hairstyle plus that earings have nothi to do with each other


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