From The Archives: Bag Spotting Edition

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A lot of you had written in wondering about the clutch that Twinkle was carrying at the FHM Style Icon Awards… Turns out, it was a Fendi. We absolutely love the clutch, you?


Left: Twinkle Khanna At FHM Style Icon Awards
Right: Fendi Studded Clutch

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  1. i absolutely loveee this womans !! she is so well turned out!! i wonder if she has a stylist or well shes just blessed with those good genes ! The jj vallaya fashion show pic ascertains the latter!

  2. THe dress is beautiful but im not really feeling her bag. Other than that she looks beautiful. THe hair, the make up, the dress, ALL fab!!!

  3. I really don’t see how that clutch compliments her dress…i’m all for contrast et al, but this is a miss for me…and at almost £1.5K a bit too expensive for something so tricky…I’d rather invest in a BV…they atleast look yummy and compliment almost everything!

    by the way the clutch reminds me of a game…can’t recall the name…played with little black balls…

  4. @ Fatima, I thought the same thing…I’m thinking maybe Chinese Checkers, or Mah Jongg? I loove the clutch but that’s easily $2000 over here, if not more, which is very lavish for anyone to buy, in my opinion.

    I think it’s an offbeat pairing for Twinkle’s dress as well, but not bad! I jury is out until I see some shoes, though…lol

  5. I adore the dress & the bag. I never would have thought to wear them together as they are both busy. But I think she makes it work!

  6. I liked her dress a lot.
    Just bcos its designer label or foreign label and carried by a celebrity…doest it make stuff cool?Clutch is ugly…
    I bet if it was some local brand …everybody would have hated it.


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