Flower Power Not

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Strike one: That flower accent looks like some mutated spider might have somehow made its way up there, gone limp and then just plain died.

Strike two: A horribly ill-fitting dress on the wrong body type.

Strike three: Ms Parikh seems to have a penchant for dressing this way

Brinda Parikh


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  1. lol saya I just wanted to mention the belt………….God I cannot understand how someone would think of wearing a belt like that or any belt with that dress…………..and that hair….

  2. Haha…so funny…u shud check out the pics on IndiaFm where she is against the wall with her backside facing the camera…acting like she is going to push the wall down …that pic is hilarious!

  3. Would you believe she was just like this even in school? she is a wannabe actress but because she never gets any roles, she’s stuck with escorting business guys around.

  4. Still cant understand why most women refuse to make peace with their body types and insist on squeezing into the skimpiest dresses.

  5. wouldn’t this woman (whoever she is) look ten times better if she actually wore Indian clothes? All these women feel that there’s no novelty to Indian clothes so they try to be ‘different’ and wear this westernized crap — and then they all end up looking the same anyway. All a bunch of sheep..

    With access to just about anything in the world..why do people like Kareena Kapoor, this girl right here, and many others wear such tasteless crap? I just don’t get it. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink..you can lead a sheep to water, and it’ll drink though…


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