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Somewhere in a trailer park, there’s a bride missing her “gown”.

It’s been a while since we had one of these, but to us, Esha’s choice of dress earns her an easy… WTHeyyy!!!

Esha Deol At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash-1

Esha Deol At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash

Esha Deol At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash-2

Esha Deol At Sridevi’s 50th Birthday Bash

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  1. THIS is why you should hire a stylist..or wait..was she styled by one..*shudder* It looks like a bad bridesmaid dress gone worse with that hindi tv show hairstyle..ghastly!

  2. She is wearing white and amrita is also wearing white and i think there is no need to guess who made it work this time 😛 she said “Amrita” has bad styling sense and she need to improve her dressing 😛

  3. Ok so the dress is horrendous but Esha still looks pretty. I don’t think that this warrants a WTHeyyy…in fact the birthday girl Sridevi looked far worse and so have tons of other people in the recent past. Ritesh Deshmukh at the same event would have been a candidate for this category as would have Tanisha in that creased red dress and messy hair.

  4. I am amused that the politically correct comments policing P&P has used the phrase such as trailer park which basically denotes the derogatory term as trailer (white) trash. That is worse than being called a goan christian aunty. *smh*

  5. Ooh I stand corrected! Good to see my bai defense annoyed a few people so I will take that as a win:)

    It depends on context. People of Walmart can be enjoyed in an American context. However in India People of the Slums is hardly going to mock a hole in a lungi-let me not spell out the social conditions in India here. Second there is no group to correspond to trailer park in India where the social and economic class differentiation is not as in the US. Basically you could wear this dress and have ton loads of cash and be a celeb with a fashion line in the West – trailer park simply denotes trashy fashion. There is a difference between the girl making do a la Pretty in Pink and trashy fashion. IMO half the ‘trendy celebs” in India actually do channel the latter. And half the time HHC commenters are trashing the former style of dressing.

    In short I was merely appreciating HCC’s way with words. But point taken, never shall the word trailer appear again lol.


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