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Logo tees, a bright Hermes Kelly and pair of white sneakers were among Divya’s go-to for recent outings. The logo tee with monogrammed shorts was a bit much for me personally, and so if I were to vote between the two looks, the sighting in grey skirt would have to be my pick!

Divya Khosla Kumar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks much better compared to her regular western Barbie inspired outfits. Atleast she is looking like a grown woman here. I am willing to give the logos a free pass.

  2. cannot able to deal with this infantilization of grown women. and no, this isn’t about ageism. this is about adult women dressing like college-going teenagers. younger women than divya here (am looking at you. Tacky Twins) dress like schoolgirls.
    you do realize you’re catering to some warped male fantasy of what women should be like? nubile, ‘unspoilt’, amenable, groomable?

  3. Where do adult women (surely she’s over40??) go dressed likethis? Genuine query…..Dinner/ shopping….where is this appropriate dressing, given that costs over 10,000.00€….

    • She can go anywhere. To her friends house, to pick up her kids from school, to run errands, to shop for more clothes.. etc etc…
      Cost matters only if you have a few expensive clothes. if everything in your closet is expensive, they just become regular clothes for celebrities.

  4. Neither is a ‘look’ worth being posted on a style forum. And what’s with the constant need to dress like a teen? At least it’s not one of those even more wee, twee, teenybopper outfits she usually goes for, I guess. Small mercies.

  5. Not sure why people are harping on the age. Most women in the west will wear a tshirt and shorts when it is hot. If she was wearing a halter top, mini skirts or much shorter shorts I can still understand.

    The abomination here is the logos. Without logos, this would be a nice casual look. But with logos it is plain tacky. I can never understand why one would choose to become a walking advertisement for a brand. If one has enough money, you don’t need to show you can afford a relatively cheap Balmain tshirt. You wear these when this is all that you can afford to buy from them.


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