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It didn’t work the first time around. It doesn’t the second time either.


Divya Dutta
Left: At ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur’ Premiere
Right: At ‘Dhamal Dandia’


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  1. Shiva, I was just going to comment on that. Is the blackberry or iphone the new accessory de jour? I guess it implies that they are indeed important people and need to be accessible at all times. Anyway, the sari is ok, but the blouse is just plain tacky.

  2. The sari in itself is not bad. But paired with the horrible, silver, flesh-popping bustier, its a disaster! I also cannot get over the armlet she wears with this. Why would she want to draw attention to her flabby arms??

  3. AP2008, glad you noticed the crazy phone thing too – i have noticed it in almost every single photo with tele stars and wanna be celebs .. btw i also noticed that the real stars never do this 🙂

  4. Double Ouch!!! @ the armpit fat. Man has found a way to circumvent this problem…it’s called sleeves. Pretty darn good invention, too!

  5. Dosent Divya own a single bra? She never has good support and dont even start me on the armpit bulge!

    Im getting a headache already!

  6. OMG! I have one word for to describe this.. looks like a typical cougar! and look at all that loose flesh hanging off from her shoulders…. lady u need to have a good physique to carry off this look…


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