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Diwali festivities saw Diana and Bhumi opt for red saris by Ridhi Mehra. Drawn to one over the other? Both looked lovely but I was drawn to Bhumi just a wee bit more.

Diana Penty and Bhumi Pednekar

Diana Penty and Bhumi Pednekar

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Weavers are dying in poverty. Our mighty heirlooms crafts are literally dying because today the rich lack refinement and have only have herd mentality. Some of our weaving styles cannot be even reproduced by the Chanels or Valentinos of the world. Work that takes a year to make, in exquisite pure fabrics, is sold at 1/10 of the price of a foreign designer hand bag, and I dont mean Hermes. Inherently while we may think Indian fabrics are largely cruelty free….the weavers are not. We, as consumers are eternally cruel to them. The British cut off the thumb of the muslin weavers so that Manchester machine cotton will thrive. Today, we are no different, especially during the pandemic. We are cutting off their earnings, and drying up generations worth of skilled artistry and craftmanship because we never took the time to appreciate our finest weaves. When HHC repeatedly features these polyesterque, plasticky with zero workmanship clothing, which might in some means showcase the physicality of the wearer , and continually fails to showcase the soul of the wearer. Or maybe the soul of this nation has no place for our weavers.
    HHC, you have a platform, and a certain level of influence. When we think of an ecofriendly sustainable textile industry, India should be positioned to be a leader. Yet we wont. Because of many things including lack of awareness. Maybe HHC can aid in bringing that awareness. One step of that will be to cover non bollywood but elgant and evelated personalities who have a refined and distict way of dressing. You will have to go local. There is nothing exciting in Bollywood. Nor inspiring or even aspirational.

    • I’m sorry SM.
      Intially when i started reading your comment i thought of it as just another rant…
      By the end of it i was in awe of your thinking ..
      Thank you !
      P&P .. take note .. you could n you can make a difference 🙂

      You could start with posting all the manish malhotras on diwali as one post n give more space to who adopt Indian handloom 🙂

    • I would love to see women outside the media/fashion circle wearing local weaves in HHC… what a great idea??? Love it

      It would actually help us with styling ideas that can be used for everyday wear. I would never dream of trying 75% of the styling done for the bollywood stars. It is too outrageous and designed to entice a reaction. But on the other hand if we can see regular women with great styling to draw inspiration from, that would be a dream come true.

      P&P – maybe weekly once you can showcase local weaves

    • Hats off to your passion!! Please can you tell me where i can access some of these weaves online ? I live in the U.S. i would love to wear a natural heritage weave for my wedding as opposed to the synthetic designer crap..

      • Once you start digging, you will find research articles as well as content on visual platforms. My reading was focused on muslins, jamdani art, and some level of original baluchari work. Even a 30 min time commitment will show one the plight of the weavers. I try to only purchase from entities who put money back in the weaver pipeline.


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