Little Black Dress. Lot To Boo-Hoo About.

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Karisma Kapoor might have worn a similar dress as Ms. Dutta before but thats about where all similarities end.

Why Ms. Dutta insists on doing this to herself time and again is beyond us.


Divya Dutta At Dev D Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Divya Dutta’s a good actress, but she has no fashion sense at all. She needs a stylist. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear something that I thought was absolutely gorgeous. This dress is too tight and those silver shoes are hooker shoes!!!

  2. I can’t bear to look at the roll of flesh at the top of the dress. The bust of the dress is sitting about 3 inches lower than it should. To wear an outfit like this, you need to have toned shoulders and arms. This is just awful!

  3. Checked her old disaster and this again. The picture I had of her in salwar kamiz in the movie is much better, that’s why it’s even more painful to look at. Please cover yourself with a shawl until you come around looking anything but vulgar.

  4. I echo the “mutton dressed as lamb” comment.
    Divya might have been trying the look Kate Winslet went for during the LA premiere of Revolutionary Road. Kate looked STUNNING in the Balmain Fall 2008 dress.
    And divya…. :S
    She just does not have the body for it, unfortunately.

  5. I swear, this woman looks in the mirror and sees a 95-pound, 13 year-old girl. From the crunchy red hair, to that awful excuse for a dress, I didn’t even notice the CLEAR PLATFORM STRIPPER SHOES. For all the money, wealth and connections these actors have, they truly do lack common sense.
    @ Koel: LOL at the “SAG” award comment!

  6. electric blue nailpolish at an event like this …..seriously?
    won’t even comment about the shoes or dress
    also, has she ever heard of a clutch? i don’t understand why these people frolic around with their phones in hand. so frustrating.

  7. Koel : LOL !!
    I was so terrified of the top part of that dress, I didnt go any lower. But thanks to your comments I did and OMG !!! The atrocities …the blue nail polish, the hooker platforms….
    Listen up Divya and listen good : READ HHC. We will tell you everything you need to know that your friends are not …

  8. NM… really? im flabbergasted. you’re probably right, cos i tried the SAME dress on at Mango just last night (wat a funny coincidence to see in on HHC this very morn) & the Mango one did seem to have a shorter hem-flap (or whatever u call it). well yeah the dress is certainly not for bigger frames. that asymmetrical shoulder needs some finesse to pull it off…


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