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Rosa Catalano


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  1. LOL.. i was waiting for guys for post this.. horrible picture..
    Rosa has gone for homeless look.. which more or less she is after parting ways with Saifu..

    hmm.. why not run back to italy?? just a thought

  2. i was wondering was saif too there for the show…..then she might just have worn this to make him see tht this is wht i used to look im lingerie..plzzzzzzzzzz take me back

  3. this is such a cheap outfit!!!! the only thing miutely tolerable here is the tiny bag and the necklace….they wudv looked good with a black dress/shirt.

  4. She looks like a distant cousin or family member of Katrina….. haha keyword: DISTANT. I dunno I’ve always found their looks to be *little* similar – maybe the jaw line? But ofcourse Kat is much, much prettier.

    Rosa is WTHeyyyyy most of the time.

  5. since she left Saif I think she is in mission to look bad every hwere, however I heard from a source that before our chotte nawab was paying for her clothing and now she run out of cash and she has no money to buy anything better

  6. @K – someone once remarked how Saif only dates manly-looking women. Amrita, Kareena and Rosa share the same strong jawline and masculine features!

  7. hehe no iits stupid…but wts ths wthey.?shortform of somethin…i mean i no its not used ina good sense…another thing ic ant get it why why why anyone landin in india jus stays here n can b seen everywhere on tv mags or even this blog…


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