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Bhumi has been busy with promotions for TYFC in Mumbai and so far the favorite was the Gauri and Nainika off-shoulder dress. She looked so good in it. But, then today, Ms. Pednekar stepped out in a custom Shivan and Narresh bustier and mesh pants set and it was just terrible. The top was too tight and the pants just too slouchy at the crotch which made for a very uncomfortable look in real life. (you can see one video here).

In Shivan & Narresh

In Gauri Nainika, Nicholas and Dhruv Kapoor Jacket/Dollaypop dress

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Given the many poor sartorial choices she has made in recent times, I really thought she’s had her run of them but just can’t get past this. Even the lovely Gauri Nainika can’t undo it.

  2. I give up. There is trashy, and then there is this. Her trying-too-hard, wanting to be someone else is overpowering her talent & work now. It’s sad is all I can say.

  3. Correcting typos … reposting
    This reminds me of the torturous custom in wearing foot bindings by some cultures so feet stay very small
    This is just painful to look at from every angle. The sisters have my deepest sympathies…

    • I have lived in those “some cultures” for a decade. This is not it. Nor is that what you have been informed by National Geographic/NYT/Smithsonian/Vanity Fair or whatever anglophone media that reaches you. Don’t conflate.

  4. I Loved the Gauri Nainika. The pink pums worked so well with this look. The Swarovski earrings…just the right amount of bling !
    Less said about the bustier,bthe better

  5. The bustier looks like some random poorly done DIY hack to convert a bra into showing more cleavage/boobs and with fishnet leggings. Male actors don’t feel this need to put themselves through horrifying things. Why do females do this to themselves? This is not hot or sexy. It is looking trashy.

  6. Whatever happened to her taste, I only feel sorry for her, for her feeling the need that she has to torture her body to look in a certain way or to fit a certain label..

  7. Ok, in my youth, I’ve done some pretty shitty painful things to look good, however, to have a bustier that is suffocating the girls, and then add a chain link across it that cuts into your skin … is extreme.

  8. Why does she try SO hard?
    She is a good actress; has done some of the more interesting movies in recent times; looks great; has a great, fit body – why does she insist on showing her ‘sexiness’ ?

    • I think Bhumi wants the public to forget her from the dam lagaake haishaa days! She wants to shed the homey image and become the the likes of Disha Patani.


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