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We aren’t sure if Babita’s top is a Bebe too but it sure looks identical to Sangeeta’s. Good thing both ladies wore it on two different days of the couture week…



Left: Babita Malkani
Right: Sangeeta Bijlani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. who is Babita Malkani? I like the shirts, but it would look waaay better on skinnier women, becos boobs only get enhanced by something like this…Bijli has worn it better tho’ making it mono chromatic….the other lady has something missing.

  2. I like Sangeeta top a whole lot better. The one on Babita (who is she?) looks too short. One needs to have very skinny legs to wear cute (ruffled) short tops 🙁

  3. THIS top does not look flattering on both of these ladies..
    @BLT dont’ tell me that.. madira kapur wore this as well.. oh lord. can we have a picture of that.. please:)

  4. i dont think the top so bad(esp on sangeeta) its this babita chick who looks like a total misfit in this outfit…color, styling, emb on the dog collar ,..plus the finishing on the frills is so bad eeuch!

    @nik precisely put!


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