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Left: Sangeeta Bijlani, Day Two of HDIL Couture Week
Right: Bebe Crochet & Ruffle Solid A-Line Halter Top

Thanks ‘epiphany’ and ‘priyanka perera’.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i prefer the black looks nice on model.
    Sangeeta..not liking .. too much white.. and what’s with her expression..
    and who is Azar following Shekar suman.. LOL

  2. its a really cute top. I am not too sure if i like it on her. Its very young, fun and flirty. I dont like the all matchy accessories ..common even the watch.
    Btw, i think that white top would have simply been adorable with a denim.

  3. Hi P & P

    You guys are doing a great job of tracking bollywood celebrities and their fashion.

    Do you recommend websites that track hollywood celebrities and what they are wearing? There are various websites like that track fashion but also provide a LOT of other gossipy news (that I am not interested in). I am basically looking for your counterpart website for Hollywood which gets updated frequently with fashion news and tells me exactly who is wearing what and where I can buy it. Merci!!

  4. i think Sangeeta looks nice in that top..its feminine..i odnt think it matters that shes 40 soemthing (cuz she still looks damn good for one!)
    and i agree wiht lynn..woulda looked cute wiht denim also..but the whitep ants looks cute too

  5. the white and black are both quite nice actually. but why did she have to be so matching matching…would have looked soo much better with dark skinny jeans and a antique silver clutch.

    imagine if salman ahd married her, she would look like his mother


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