Red Hot! Or Not?

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Seen first on Twinkle, the Zagliani clutch also was spotted on Asin at the launch of her Filmfare cover. No surprise here, who wore their clutch better! 😉

Red hot? We think, not. You?

P.S. We would have rather seen her wear that cover dress instead of this red number! 😛


Asin at Filmfare Issue Launch


Left: Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, Star Screen Awards
Right: Zagliani Python Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i dont like the way Asin is displaying her clutch. she does not have what it takes 2 carry off expensive accessories! ur supposed 2 treat it like JUST ANOTHER BAG! here shez screaming: “look at me! i have an expensive bag!”. very uncool.

  2. She looks fine. Somehow I feel there are people who just hate her style..she is unique and we got to give it to this girl.

    Or am I just sensing this site is more Frieda & Sonam Kapoor centric. That is where all the Oohs and Aahs end up.

  3. @MM
    well they are spending to show so it is very likely that she is showing off her clutch even Twinkle is showing off hers look at how she is holding it, half of the purus is out almost hanging so the pics clearly show tha it is a Python..aren’t we are all a show offs or have a bit of showing off in us, so why blame them, if I spend a few thousand on something I would like to show it off and would like people to commment about it

  4. She looks alright. Somehow I think this girl is very pretty in the “average joe” way – not in the true, conventional way. And yes, that clutch makes her look like a show off.

  5. give her the benefit of doubt… her picture might have been taken when she was moving her arm, girls can’t always keep their arms in one position u know… and that filmfare cover dress would look hideous in real life…what she is wearing is a better choice

  6. The makeup looks bad but I’m not sure why.
    I love the clutch and c’mon guys you really can’t blame her for holding it like that!
    I do that too when I have something especially nice. Sure it’s kind of childish but that’s how some girls (like me) are 😀

  7. this dress isnt bad at all compared to the other photos you hahve put up, and the dress on the cover would have appeared very tacky in real life.

    but i find asin’s face much more prettier than twinkle and asin is a much better actress. will take her fashion faux pas.

  8. OMG all the comments are so harsh on the poor thing. I thought she was amazing in Gajini next sridevi waiting to happen , her style will evolve gradually too. She has a lovely face.

  9. Asin looks gorgeous on screen & in photoshoots, a la Madhuri Dixit; but sadly, i feel she’s unlikely to ever get her offscreen look right… a la Madhuri Dixit!

  10. ugliest dress ever and that makeup is horrible too. I find nothing special about her. I don’t get the hype, but then again we’re talking about good ole “desh”

  11. its obvious the clutch is not hers, as she is holding it like it was precious toy….unlike Mrs. Kumar, who is comfortable with the clutch and all of her attachements :))

  12. i dont find anything likable here. never found her particularly attractive…and the less said abt her clothes the better. too blingy, too cheap, too masala.

  13. I wish these women would carry these clutches casually. She is holding it too stiff like it HAS to be photographed. That looks pretty delibrate and trying too hard.

  14. Nothing khaas…but it’s her expression that I dislike the most.
    If I wanted to look a self-righteous, sanctimonius fake, that’s the kind of face I’d make. (Gee, dat rhymes…)

  15. Melange… she’s actually not ‘making’ that kind of face. i’ve been watching her since her early years, that’s just the way her face is. (she’s supposed to be a very grounded, sensible girl by those who know her)

  16. i’m just not getting the asin hysteria. she’s not great looking, doesnt have great style – heck – has no style. and i watched her in ghajini and found her a little OTT- almost hammy. nope. not liking


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