In Sync!

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Update: Twinkle is wearing a dress by ‘Laundry’.

When they are in sync, what a handsome couple they make! We love!

P.S. The more we see them, the more we ARE convinced that Twinkle dresses up Akki. Remember what happened when Twinkle wasn’t around!

P.P.S. ‘KK’, you might just be right about why Twinkle skipped the premiere! 😉


Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, Star Screen Awards


Left: Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar, Star Screen Awards
Right: Zagliani Python Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Twinkle has a pretty good sense of putting herself together – she has taught herself a great deal from the time she used to be in movies (or maybe those were the ugh clothes given to her by a costumer- wife type).
    Have to add, THANK HEAVENS Twinkle was sensible not to be part of NDTV First Wives – it is pathetic and boring – Jaya Bachchan style.

  2. I don’t like Twinkle’s gown. Though she does look pretty as usual. Her face looks kind of different though – did she get her lips filled with collagen? Something’s visibly different!

  3. At last some food for eyes…Twinkle looks ravishing although I’d love to see her experiment with other hair styles for a change. Her gown is very sensous and finally hubby and wifey strike a same cord.

  4. they make an excellent couple.. love the way twinkle always turns out,, i am sure she is a amazing interior designer as well.. Akki looks handsome..especially with the purple cloth in the pocket matching with his wife’s dress

  5. me thinks the dress is so-so but all put together they look neat and sophisticated… she has worn the same earings for the toronto premier… i think !!! neways gud to see them working it at last…

  6. I guess its the way her makeup was applied that makes it look like she has lost weight on her face….
    Twinkle is definitely one of the best dressed people in Hollywood !

  7. twinkle looks good, same goes for akshay.
    Like the splashes of colours on her gown, kindda sutle tones, just wich the gown was more fitting, not so tent-like!!

  8. i think twinkle looks absolutely amazing…she looks so good in that dress that i didn’t even pay attention to akki…he really does need to follow her style tips…

  9. the dress is a far cry from the dafe sheath’s she had been wearing
    it IS just ok (a better fitted dress wouldhave been better) but she pulls it off
    and I think every woman dresses their husband (not that I would know- although I CERTAINLY would if I were married)

  10. yeah i heard an interview of akki on the radio yesterday where he said twinkle puts together all his outfits and does all his shopping and styling

  11. The dress is stunning, and totally proves that Twinkle looks (and probably feels) more comfortable in western wear. I love the color of her clutch, but I wish it wasn’t oversized, since it’s paired with a busy dress.

    Akshay’s awesome, but really needs to button up his shirt a bit.

  12. she;s always changing it up!! looks fab!! maybe her next venture should be a bollywood stylist for the stars. I know quite a few who should be in line….

  13. LOVE Twinkle’s dress….different from what she normally wears…such gorgeous colours and what a great clutch!
    woman has STYLE!!!

    and akshay back to looking good enough to eat! no more horrible checked pants please

  14. They make a lovely couple, like you guys said P&P, when they are dressed in accord. Akki has a great physique and presence. Wonder why he insists on committing fashion faux pas with or without wifey. She looks sophisticated and glam as usual.. Love her.

  15. Twinkle just keeps things simple..dosen’t over-accessorize, dosen’t do some crazy hair-do, and dosen’t wear too much at the same time so we all give her kudos. I think it’s just the simple fact that she dresses better than any other celebrity in Bollywood. I personally think she dresses okay but nothing original or interesting…the basis of comparison helps her.

  16. And as far as Akshay is concerned…why is he in his forties or fifties and yet dosen’t know how the hell to dress? :/ He’s a man for goodness sake — how hard is it for a man to get dressed without being a fashion reject? Seriously, this guy could just wear a simple black suit and people would go ga-ga only because he wasn’t wearing pleather or plaid. I give him absolutely NO credit!

  17. I LOVE THIS!!!

    they look HOT!
    how awesome is her dress?

    actually, akki has admitted it that he has no sense of style. lol least he’s honest.

    now THIS is a MATCHING i like!

    but seriously, i love him regardless

  18. twinky looks awesome… looks like she has done something cosmetic to her face….
    her face looks more chiseled and tighter…
    luv the dress, who makes it???

  19. I don’t get it, in the year-end review, this couple was considered mismatched, where SHE was the classier dresser and HE wasn’t. But we all know that he does do well on his own.

    I think because he is a little more flamboyant that’s probably why his wife gets him those plaid pants, which I’m sure are designer stuff!


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