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anushkadreams.jpg anushadreams1.jpg
“City Of Dreams” Premiere, June 2008

Spotted Anusha Dandekar carrying her Ed Hardy “Love Eternal” clutch that also comes with a matching cuff. I just don’t understand why the woman keeps fiddling with the cuff. At the premiere, one moment she has it on and the other she doesn’t and at the “Bling” launch, she switched the cuffs between left and right… Wonder why?

What do you think of the clutch? Love it or Hate it?

anushadandekarbling1.jpg anushadandekarbling.jpg
Club Bling Launch, Jan 2008

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  1. i dun think ed hardy clutch is my preference…im a sucker for the t-shirt tho

    n im too crazy for the bracelet either..

    her red shoes seem to blend well wid the

  2. I LOVE Anusha … i find her very stylish and well dressed according to the occasion most of the time.

    But yea, Ed Hardy/Audigier are Tacky !
    Not tasteful.

  3. dont like the clutch or that cuff!! but like the love eternal logo.. looks cool.. i have seen anusha.. shes so petite in real life!!


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