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Shine On


Which shimmering little dress do you prefer Queenie Dhody in? I pick the silver one…


Left: At Club Bling Launch Party
Right: At Lakme Fashion Week Closing Party

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Clutch Spotting


anushkadreams.jpg anushadreams1.jpg
“City Of Dreams” Premiere, June 2008

Spotted Anusha Dandekar carrying her Ed Hardy “Love Eternal” clutch that also comes with a matching cuff. I just don’t understand why the woman keeps fiddling with the cuff. At the premiere, one moment she has it on and the other she doesn’t and at the “Bling” launch, she switched the cuffs between left and right… Wonder why?

What do you think of the clutch? Love it or Hate it?

anushadandekarbling1.jpg anushadandekarbling.jpg
Club Bling Launch, Jan 2008

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Bag Spotting!!


Yay or Nay to the Gucci Mirror Evening Bag??

At Club Bling Launch

At Pal Zileri Launch

Borrow The Gucci Mirror Evening Bag Via BagBorrowOrSteal.

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Again N Again!


Spotted Raveena wearing her favorite balloon top sans the ugly shoes and the even uglier curls! (And some lbs too!)

9X Chak De Bachche Event, March 2008

Club Bling Launch, Jan 2008


Not An LV, Thankfully!


So, the post about Natasha, made me go back to archives, and I couldn’t believe how could I have missed Shamita’s Dior “Chain Mail” clutch. I am just thankful it wasn’t an LV! You know, being that Shilpa is such an LV addict!

Dior Chain Mail Clutch

And, while we were digging into archives, look who else we found carrying Kahkashan’s favorite clutch!


Edit: Oops.. Thanks Anonymous #2! I did have her name as Shilpa! ;)