Clutch Spotting

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I heart this Dior Clutch, especially the blue… Now, if only the price wasn’t so steep! Time for another ‘Lust List’ to be made…! 🙂


Left: Anu Deewan
Right: Dior Stone Mosaic Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. her mardi gras beads look kinda unclassy, esp paired with such a nice clutch. her dress could be alright, can’t realy tell, at least it’s not horrible. she really needs to wash her hair.

  2. these clutches are nice in any country but they suit india more because they are so vibrant. the dress is really nice as well. she’s married to a billionaire?? this gives me hope that i can nab one myself 🙂

  3. 2700??? which means …15-20 Grand isnt much for most celebrities anyways, even if that much money is enough to sustain a poor guy for a few months! Sigh!

  4. she does not need a career , her husband owns Dewan housing ltd, the third biggest construction company in India and even in a downturn are stinking rich….sigh 🙂

  5. but thts ok ya, am sure they must be doin their bit for society..and why should people who have the money and these lifestyles feel apologetic about it? rich or poor, money is earnd the hard way.
    anyway, havin said this i dont even like anu that much..but the turquoise colour is awesome…
    i would buy it for sure

  6. preeti: calm down honey. when u go buy gold, you dont think about the beggar down your road either. this applies to everyone. so just cuz anu is a lil extra rich, doesnt mean she cant spend her hard earned money in such luxuries.

    in fact, i get really happy when socialites spend their money on such pretty things. it makes me feel that they help break india’s image as a poor, developing country a lil.


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