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Wearing a neon lehenga by Amit Aggarwal, Ananya attended the Bachchan Diwali party on Sunday. I think the lehenga itself is fun but like with anything else Ms. Panday wears, I find the look overall very filmy. In the sense, that she always looks like she is dressed up to go on set for the next scene versus actually wear the look for a real life event. Her hair and makeup also mostly feel very filmy and formulaic. I am still trying to figure out what’s her individual style.

Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wonder what exactly happen at these Diwali parties. You can’t dance or burst crackers in these outfits coz they aren’t made for comfort. So they just dress up, show up, pose for photos and sashay around? Why call it a Diwali party even. Just a reason to throw a bash

  2. Ms. Pandey may be a lovely person. But unless you become an ‘individual’ in your right, you cannot have any individual kind of style, whether professionally, personally, or even sartorially. Right now, she is just a stylist’s mannequin and one of the Dharma designer dolls. KJ should start a finishing school, it will be quite successful.

  3. The reason she looks like she always plays dress up , is because she is just 21. She has been thrust in the lime light and now finds the need to dress up as the older actors – Deepika Katrina which takes away from her innocence. Over done make up , extra glamy ott garments. She needs to be just chill and herself . And as progresses in her career can evolve her style! This jumping from trend to ttrend!!! Baaaaah sorry for the sermon but I just feel so bad for these kids.

    • What’s there to feel bad!! They’re getting the best of what they want.. best launch pads despite any real talent.. best clothes.. they choose this field coz as most of them say incl Sara that since childhood they wanted to ‘act’

  4. I don’t think she has an individual style. I think her face is very very similar to Shruthi Haasan’s (especially when she darkens her eyebrows more). However, there’s a world of difference in the way they carry themselves – Shruthi not only has a very distinct and individual style, she also has a natural charisma that I feel Ananya really lacks. Maybe it’ll come with experience.


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