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Designer Anamika Khanna attended the Lakme Fashion Week 10th Anniversary Bash in her own creation, pairing her outfit with a pair of Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandals. This is the same woman who created the outfit worn by Twinkle recently at Amrita’s Sangeet. That outfit got more hate than love! How do you like this one on her?

P.S. I added the runway pic to just to reflect her Spring 2009 work.

P.P.S. She is also the one who designed all of Sonam’s outfits in ‘Delhi-6’ and Sonam wore her creations to both the ‘Drona’ Premiere and ‘Delhi-6’ premiere.


Left: Anamika Khanna, Spring 2009
Center: Anamika Khanna at LFW 10th Anniversary Bash
Right: Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandals

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. I don’t like that design from her collection, but I like what she is wearing. Love the styling. I don’t like the shoes, but it complements her look and she makes it work.

  2. I love the shoes
    Sonam is apparently a big fan of hers (that could just be for publicity though, she is the “face” of Anamika Khanna after all), and she DOES make lovely clothes but…I don’t know
    they just don’t translate in real life

  3. i actually quite like the design the model is wearing in the runway pic..but it looked so wrong on Twinkle..and on Anamika here for that matter. love the choos though

  4. SHe makes clothes for the model body types, wich aparenty donr go on other body figures…
    Her dresses look beautiful on runway(that is on the models) but when it comes to any lady in real like, its plain ugly

  5. I like the dress on her and the model. I think its designed for very, very skinny body types, which is why it didn’t look good on Twinkle. And why it won’t look good on 99.99% of women out there.
    The shoes are HOT!

  6. HOT shoes…dunno when I’ll own a pair like this lol..Her clothes are quite nice (and ya I agree with the person who said they don’t translate well in real life somehow but the concept of it is original and creative)I loved Sonam’s clothes in delhi 6 btw.


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