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Twinkle went unconventional (in silhouette) by wearing an Anamika Khanna creation. She paired her outfit with a Kate Spade clutch and peeptoe pumps (both seen on her first at the CC2C Premiere in New York).

Love it or hate it?

Update: Now that we have the runway picture, perhaps it would have been better if she had skipped the pink dupatta!


Left: Anamika Khanna, HDIL Couture Week
Right: Twinkle Khanna at Amrita Arora’s Sangeet At Aurus

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  1. What is that? Whats up with the color combinations? or i should say the whole outfit. It looks like left over suit material stitched to an old lehenga blouse. Also it looks as if she just threw on anything and as an after thought picked up the chunni (scarf) and the clutch.

  2. ohmigod, what’s this monstrosity she is wearing? the blouse looks like it’s a part of a brocade dress, the bottom half looks like a combo of a churidaar and a 80’s business skirt and that she just threw a pink dupatta on top..i think this is a complete disaster of an outfit!!

  3. I like that she’s experimenting a bit with her look…if the colors’d been coordinated a little better the result would’ve been – edgy.
    Now, not so much, sadly.

  4. no…I’m sorry I don’t
    I’ve noticed that while most of what Anamika Khanna makes looks really good and edgy on the runway, it sort of falls flat in real life
    Maybe it’s too avant-garde, but it would take someone really really edgy (I’m talking Kate Moss/Posh here people) to REALLY pull one of her outfits off

  5. I like the black and pink combo, but other than that the textures are not going well. The shoes are totally off. I like the fact that she is trying something new and edgy, but this was not the occasion for it.

  6. I’m a huge fan of Twinkle’s style sense but I have to say that this time I’m not impressed at all! The look is a mishmash of so many different elements…I just don’t get it.

  7. This is a wtheyy imo.
    Also, this picture is not from the sangeet but from the wedding reception. She is probably the only WTHEEY at the party.

  8. love the clutch and the shoes..thats about it. Otherwise when i look at the attire i think – what the hell is that?? am i looking at the classy twinkle khanna? Cant be..

  9. i dont kinda like the bottom part, but the burst of color is just loveable, dont u think? the shoes dont go with the outfit tho

  10. agree with Surbhi, love the burst of color but dislike the bottom part, if this was paired with a shalvar or a beautiful ghagra, it would’ve been priceless!

    Love the clutch matching the scarf ..

    Also, the shoes are very cute if only it was matched with something more appropriate then this!

  11. ok so i think I know what it is, that she is wearing….(it was hard work guys! ;))
    its a looooong Kurta, with a different (gold) bodice and a wierd slit running down the middle to reveal churidars? hmmm….

    good on the ramp, maybe…
    but in real life and that too to a sangeet function?!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    p.s like the clutch and shoes…not the dupatta only cuz i don’t like those little pom poms! hehe

  12. omg this is a shocker…would expect so much better from her…anyway the dress looks SO FAB on the runway…it seems like bottom part of Twinkle’s dress is made of a different material..?

  13. In addition to the above comments, WTHeyyy is that half cut watermelon doing on the or near the runaway? Then I noticed the little dolls as well, wonder what the ambience or theme was for the show, weird.

  14. Sonam wore this for a photoshoot for Anamika Khanna as well. I think Twinkle is too short for this dress…the pink dupatta and the pink clutch takes away the glamor of the dress.

  15. not working for her in a biiiig way – one of the secrets of Twinkle’s success in the fashion stakes is her chic and understated style – edgy she is not! and there is nothing wrong with that.

    She looks awful – and the outfit designer or otherwise looks like it was designed by a final year fashion student trying to fuse eastern and western style – and failing!

  16. Hahahahahaha!!
    is she a circus clown??… like seriously you did not WTHHEY this one…. u have some MAJOR soft spot for her and yes i did see Bhavna’s and this one overshadows even that Anamika or not!

  17. me thinks she was 2 engrossed in gettin sumthin matched for her clutch… n so very patheticly she pikd up dat nonsense which luks like her maids or sumthin ..

  18. hey p n p….twinkle didnt wear these shoes and clutch at toronto was the NYC premier.
    and yes, the outfit is a big mismatch. but she takes risks……and mostly looks good..this can be one of her bad days.

  19. I love the outfit on the runway. Anamika Khanna is good!!
    Twinkle really could’ve skipped the dupatta and the clutch though..theres such a CLASH there!!!
    The outfit would’ve been great for another event..not sangeet! I guess she really loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it, and to make it look “sageetish” she figured hey I could wear this pink thing and there I look like I actually know what event I’m attending!

  20. she looks good..i mean hair and makeup bt naah im not liking what she s wearing.. but its twinkle she makes everythin work.. bt i loveee her clutch and the gold and pink combination

  21. I love love love how she paired the pink dupatta with her pink clutch! It gives the whole outfit a new spin.

    Twinkle is one of the best dressed among the ladies that you post on here, she carries her self with confidence that many bollywood women lack.

    I like the fact that she experimented with her outift, and didn’t go all blingy just cuz its a wedding.


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