In Sabyasachi


While in the capital for her movie’s promotions, Alia was photographed in a Sabyasachi suit. Following Sabya school of styling, sleek, center-parted updo, big traditional earrings from Sunita Shekhawat and pair of wedges rounded out her look. She looked nice.

Alia Bhatt At Kalank Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Dere she go again wid dem pirouettes. I saw rajeev masand’s interview where she said that she had given up coffee until the release of the film as a ‘mannat’. I think she needs a detox from Indian wear post the release for a few weeks. She has really gone method during these promotions.

    • She actually needs a detox from her ‘lifestylist’, this KJo guy. Her true self has been lost. Her appearances are in the likeness of Deepika, Anushka, Sonam…. Getting tiresome.

      This movie seems to be a bit Bhansalieque, the hero SRKesque, heroine Deepikaesque…. Madhuri is the casualty in all this copycatting drama.

      • And yet their accents sound contemporaryesque for a period film. Thats what you get when accent training for urdu happens through episodes of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. What an idea, KJo.

        • You know well that what we wear is a reflection of who we are. When a persons appearance-clothes-style reminds us of other people constantly, then it is safe to say that their true self is lost.

          Madhuri and Sonakshi come accross as most authentic. Their true selves shine.

          Stating facts is not gossip.

  2. Either this is KJo parading ONLY his protege at every event to promote this movie or the movie is so bad that none of the bigger stars want to promote the film.

    I actually like the suit but the styling is too stark for Alia. Someone needs tell Alia that acting in period films and wearing Sabyasachi doesn’t make you another Ash or Deepika.

    • Actually, the entire bhakt-mandli (pardon the pun) is on an All-India tour. I think they are contractually obligated. It is only Madhuri and Sanjay who are in Mumbai. Speaking of Sanjay, we have barely seen him promoting the film……

  3. I am so done with this movie’s promotions and Alia’s anarkalis and kohlapuri wedges and people claiming how well she dances-Alia does a lot of things very well, classical dance is not one of them. Also the clothes and mood of the movie look so inauthentic to the period it is set in.

  4. So much hate for Alia-Jhanvi-Sabya-Sonam-Gauri-Priyanka-Karan Johar (even when he’s not pictured here!)-Manish-Ash-Deepika-etc.etc….Every time I see 5 plus comments I know that the troll brigade is on high alert. Someone replied to an earlier post that the caliber of comments has changed from fun-to-read to tiresome. I agree.

    • Yeah I agree but it’s the over-exposure. Promotions literally shove these people into our face for weeks and weeks until we (or at least I) have seen so much of them that I almost don’t want to watch their movie anymore? That said, I do like this outing more than most of her other ones for Kalank.

    • I agree. I used to enjoy reading the comments section. Now it’s like reading Pinkvilla with unnecessary controversies on full on repeat mode. I am really tired of this nepotism trolling. Nobody forces the audience to go watch movies; if the movie is good people watch if not it’s a flop. Can we please focus on unbiased fashion comments please? Or are we seeing a flood of paid troll comments here?

      • Exactly I think these comments need to be moderated. There is no difference between Pinkvilla, HHC now. I enjoyed reading the comment section here earlier days

      • People do comment on the fashion! And due to the fact we see their faces EVERYDAY, we can also find other similarities such as how her sense of dressing/fashion has transformed and her blatantly aping other actresses and favoring one look by one designer (mostly). Nepotism comes up again and again since that’s who we see EVERYDAY wearing extremely trashy clothes.
        Looks like anything except “looks good, next!” type of comment would be called trolling here. If people dislike something doesn’t make it trolling!
        You can skip the comments section entirely if you cannot digest criticism of any sort.

  5. She has gone from becoming a novelty to the most bland and mundane entity in Bollywood. She has become most boring and dull with no personality of her own. Sad, what packaging can do to one’s personality!

  6. I feel like her hair needed a bit of texture here, either a bun after braids, or even, cheesy as it is, back-combed at the crown. Also something on her fingers/hands — a statement ring or something. Not to get personal, but she does look very much like a Deepika-clone here and it’s a bit disappointing considering she’s such a sparkly, charismatic person in her own right.


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