As she was exiting the local airport, Sonam was photographed in Anamika Khanna. Teaming the matching separates with black accessories, the actor rounded out the look with a top-knot and pair of silver earrings. And more recently, she teamed a Chloe ‘cape-effect’ vest with a blue pleated skirt for a round of travel. Among her accessories- Aquazzura flats.

Which look do you like her more in?

P.S: Shop the Chloe vest here and Aquazzura ‘Forever Marylin’ ballerinas here.

Sonam Kapoor At Mumbai Airport

Sonam Kapoor At Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. The ‘pilates abs’ bug finally got to Sonam. I think I prefer the Anamika Khanna (can’t believe I am saying this). She look more statuesque in AK. There is something very dour about the Chloe look. Wish she has worn a blazer instead of that cape. The whole look seems to wear her down.

  2. The only one who can do the airport look with a lot of swag is Kangana. The rest are all wannabes strutting in their fancy tasteless clothes. I am a huge critic of airport looks, btw…irrespective of who the celebrity is.

    • Really? Then why praise Kangana and diss everyone else? Kangana’s airport looks ooze of desperation. I also see you putting down Alia these days after Kangana’s jealous rant against Alia. Bringing up the fake nepo controversy again and again. Stop the bias and come up with something more original.

  3. Haha just for a moment forget that you know this person and then imagine looking at someone dress liked her first look in middle of airport waiting for immigration or security check. It would be just comical.

  4. Why do celebrities always hold hands?Have you seen any normal couple holding hands all the time?A genuine question cos i see this in every pic,always holding hands.

    • I hold hands with my husband all the time. I enjoy it very much. Sometimes I hold hands with my sister too when in busy areas. So do many of my friends and family members.

  5. The Anamika Khanna may not be easy airport wear but I’m liking it more. The pairing of silver accessories with that white combo looks great.

  6. My thing is…if you’re going to wear a crop top outfit whilst flying – fine, whatever do it – but why wear one that cuts you in like that? I can’t imagine its fun wearing a restrictive crop top on a plane, regardless of whether you fly private or not

  7. Okay! Can I just say as ridicuolous as these looks are — especially the carefully curated AK look (no one normal travels like that, maybe first class but even then), airport looks are actually becoming a thing. I had a friend who had to travel and we had a discussion on her airport look — even though she finally wore some athleisure regular look, I see more people giving it some thought. Just wanted to know if anyone else does that! :)

    • I think this is a good thing! I agree no one normal travels like that – but these are celebrities. They are making a style statement because they can. People follow. And it’s good for fashion when they do. Eventually “normal” people will also pay more attention to their own looks and up their efforts (to each their capacity). Like your friend who paid some extra attention to her outfit. I think that’s a good thing. Live life well. Daily fashion in your own way, per your pocket book, but enjoy it. Whether you are going to buy sabzee, or to drop your kids to school, going to work, or like the iconic few – to the gym and airports!

      There was an era (the 80s and the 90s) which was super pathetic for fashion. Finally in the past 5 years we have seen the fashion industry come of age. We now have couture lines for daily wear, etc. It used to be that going the designer route was only for bridal occasions.
      Im glad we see such experiments now.

      • Totally with you on people dressing up well. I like it myself. And no hate on airport looks. In fact, I quite enjoy them. Because I do take pointers myself. I recently did a Kangana when I wore a saree for travel — and was frankly quite proud of myself :). I like people making an effort to be well turned out.
        Having said that, I get it that they are celebrities and need to dress in a certain way. I personally enjoy travel stylings of Anushka and Sara, love Karishma’s take on it. I just wish they’d also let their personalities shine through. Used to enjoy Alia’s Airport looks but she seems to have lost her mojo of late.



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