Well Suited?

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Alia suited up in a custom houndstooth pattern suit from Kanika Goyal paired with a shirt and tie from Gucci. I wish them hem job on the pants was better but overall, she looked great!

P.S. This looked felt very familiar as soon as I saw it and it did take a minute to figure out why. Answer is inside!

Alia Bhatt

Here is Ranveer wearing the same shirt and tie from Gucci but with the Gucci suit.

Ranveer Singh

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Nope, hard pass. Doesn’t suit her frame one bit. The open hair makes it look messy and takes the edginess off. Also, the fit of the trousers isn’t great. I don’t think she has it in her to pull off these looks..comes across as effortful which is why most of her instagram pics is of her sitting down and highly edited close. The make-up too washes her out. She needed stronger eyes or a bolder lip. Shocked to see you like this

  2. I really like the look as is (clearly in the minority here)-it’s different to what Alia’s peers are attempting and reflects her personality-unique, quirky, fabulously ambitious and a little androgynous.

    What’s bothering me more however is the fact that the stylist has, in my opinion, done the equivalent of half-hearted diversity box ticking by bringing in solid Indian talent but not letting their own vision shine. Had you not said this was Kanika Goyal, anyone would’ve presumed it’s a Gucci suit so why didn’t they just stick to the brand for a head to toe look. Clearly the brief given to Kanika Goyal was a Gucci lookbook photo….which makes no sense to me. There’s no point working with designers if their authentic vision doesn’t come out and the brief is to ape a Western designer’s aesthetic so blatantly.

  3. Ranveer totally pulls the look off – he has the attitude and confidence to be edgy.
    Most of these stylists don’t dress Alia well – what works for taller women like Katrina, Deepika and Priyanka is overwhelming for Alia’s height and frame. They should look at the K-Pop stars, esp Blackpink for lookbooks. They’re petite but they/their stylists design their looks to suit their body types.
    That said, it’s not a bad look – could have been much better though and the HMU are not helping.

  4. OMG, I thought the same as soon as I saw her, thinking have I seen someone wear this before?

    A big part of whether an outfit looks good is the fit, and the suit does not fit her , look at the terrible hem on the pants, for all I know she borrowed this from Ranveer or KJO

  5. Love the suit.. wish the pants were fitted. I also find the brooch silly. With so many great options, she wears this plastic flower brooch


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