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We recently spotted an Alberta Ferretti Fall 2007 dress (first seen on Priyanka Chopra) on Priya Chatwal, the woman responsible for bringing Ferretti to India… We love the ombre effect on this purple dress, you?


Left: Priyanka Chopra
Right: Priya Chatwal

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  1. For once, i love it on Piggy Chops as well. She looks different here, although we’ve seen that silhouette on her a thousand times already.

  2. I hope Priyanka’s New Year resolution is to change her hair and makeup. I like the shorter version more, though. This one makes her bottom half disappear and makes her look shorter.

  3. I love this dress, it’s really gorgeous and elegant.

    My opinion: Priyanka works this very well. Ms.Chatwal has a heavy top for this dress and doesnt look that great on her.

    Overall: I love this dress and Priyanka looks very nice in it. But the color and ombre effect lokks very great on both of these ladies.

  4. P&P and anyone who might know….where can I find ombre/ shadow-dyed sari’s in india and/or online….If anyone has a picture of the sari that I can show that would be great too!! getting married in a few months would really LOVE to wear an single color ombre sari.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I love this on Piya! Priyanka’s hair and makeup and posture (she never has very good psoture- I just noticed) sort of ruins it on her
    Plus the ombre (as much as I loveit) makes her look sort of short

  6. I love this dress, which was an inspiration to the dress I wore to a New Year’s party! My New Year’s dress was very similar to the colors here, and everyone loved it as well!


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