Priyanka In Alberta Ferretti

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Spotted Priyanka Chopra wearing a modified purple Alberta Ferretti gown from Fall 2007. I love the ombre effect on the purple! Will post more pictures once we find em!

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2007
Priyanka @ IIFA Awards 2008

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  1. I adore the dress (good call p&p) but for some reason she doesn’t pull it off. Something’s really wrong, she looks shorter, maybe it’s the angle of the photograph. Whatever it is, this displays the classic case of the clothes wearing the person opposed to the other way around. Fix up.

    The modified version Priyanka is wearing is better than the original catwalk version, simply because of the colour I think.

  2. Nice colour, but she should have worn it shorter like the version on the model. She has nice legs, she would have pulled it off. Harman..WTHEyy!!

  3. I don’t think I can believe that she wears all these designer clothes. Much of the clothes these Indian stars wears are just knock offs from the originals. Afterall they are a dime a dozen readily available in India. Except for a handful of really classy and really rich filmy folks (example Twinkle khanna) I think most would not afford the thousands of dollars worth of clothes and accessories…

  4. …and let me add to my above post…some of them who CAN afford their pick of designer wears, sadly choose the unbecoming (example, Aishwarya)!

  5. Agree with lolita…even the bag’s they show off i think are knock offs… there many sites offer replica bags…n since they r chinease made….I am sure they are readily availalbe in bombay..

    Btw both harman n priyanks should be in the whthey article…because….both are looking as if they wore clothes in rush and picked up the most crappy stuff.

  6. In my opinion, even the few stars that do get to borrow only do so for mega events like IIFA awards etc. as for movie premieres and parties etc. they will be on their own….

  7. The free designer stuffs that stars get for publicity is usually a trend only in the US where the stars are internationally visible figures …I don’t think the trend exits in India since the few designers out there have to rely on the socialites and filmstars for their work.

    And not to forget the fact that this trend of wearing international designer clothings by bollywood stars is only a very recent phenomenon in India…..

    Again, just my personal opinion.

  8. The dress doesn’t look nice on Priyanka…maybe it’s just her posture?
    LoL and for one dress where she should have def. shown off her legs…she’s keeping them covered!

    but Lolita…the bags and stuff are all real…it’s surprising when even Anupama Verma and Miss K Patel wear Jimmy Choo…but if they were wearing fakes, wouldnt P&P have noticed it? Like with the Vidya Balan Birkin?

  9. Belle, you would be surprised by how real the fakes look! One could be fooled by just looking and touching them forget about just seeing the pictures. Camera angles and lights can disguise any flaws.

    But ofcourse this has nothing to do with P&P’s efforts on this blog. I love this site and its interesting to see who has copied who…

  10. I too have been wondering about these so called desinger labels that indian celebrities or socialites are wearing these days….perhaps like the poster above mentioned only a handful of them like the wives of super rich industrialists or mega stars could afford such exorbitantly priced clothings. or maybe it’s the booming indian economy that’s raised the purchasing powers of average celebrity who knows…..

    P& P and other folks, do you guys think these int’l designers actually modify to cater to the Indian Rupee? I think we should take one or two pics to these fashion houses and contact the reps if they can verify. I am also a bit startled.

  11. i agree with most of the discussion done here ( but never expressed it like u guys did )……and i know there r knock offs , replica or fake stuff out there ( esp in asian countries) which r hard to be figured out .

  12. such tlks reminds me of SATC episode of Samantha wid a fake Fendi! if it goes in LA thn in India it’s no big deal as sometimes it’s ony the lining inside the bags tht differs!

  13. @ lolita. one doesn’t have to be super rich to buy designer bags. i live in london and lots of girls who even live in poor neighbourhoods have real louis vuitton bags. i don’t consider myself rich and i have a few small ones. plus i’m sure that payal and priyanka are seasoned professionals and would be able to spot a fake.

  14. This one would be an original. Besides, I don’t think Priyanks would wear just an exact knock-off. She does seem to sport designers frequently enough to know her clothes.

  15. Good discussion! I think it would be difficult to spot a fake from a distance, even a close distance for that matter. I’m from Bangkok and I can tell you for certain that the fakes here not only look exactly the same (they have many many different models within each brand) but even the feel and finish are excellent! Some fakes even boast of genuine leather and the prices for these are higher than those made with resin, for example.

  16. the longer version aint working at all! whats with PCs hair.. and HB!!! oh God- futurisitic robot?
    Love the model.. she is looking hot

  17. amishi, you are right in pointing out that some ordinary working people do own some designer stuffs. I too own a bag or two and so does my frens, but heck…they surely do not fall into the $1,500-$2000 category. As Indians, we tend to invest that amount of money on solid jewellery!

    I am talking about these latest Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 gowns that these Indian stars and celebrities are wearing almost to every function. They will be worth atleast $5,000 i.e. almost 2 lakhs rupees! Hence, my doubts that they maybe just knockoffs from SOME desi designers and/or personal β€œdarzis”..

  18. Camera angle has dwarfed Priyanka with shorter legs. love the color.

    @payal: “..only have 2 hands”..aint it 4? πŸ˜‰ kidding!

  19. sandra bullock wore the same dress @ the costume institute 2007

    [[it was a red ombre effect]]

    search it up on google images and you’ll find it.

    thanks =)

  20. auston,
    Yes we heard you the first time…good to know that Sandra wore one too!

    But, if you haven’t read the About page, we focus mostly on south asian celebrities….


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