A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika.*

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I have never been one for make-up. As a woman of certain age and many vices, that perhaps shouldn’t be said so lightly (Hello concealer!), but it’s never been me. A bit of kohl, a dash of gloss and am ready for my big (any) moment really… I’d rather do color with my clothes/shoes/bags, and a mean mango margarita should the occasion present itself. However, lately that’s changed. Of course it did, you know it did, else this post wouldn’t be getting anywhere.

I find myself smitten by a very dramatic lip color, fuchsia. Against my skin tone, it absolutely pops. It’s loud, it’s gaudy and with all things slightly ugly, it’s arresting. I call it hooker-chic and damnit, am owning it!

And like me, Payal’s found her color du jour which happens to be orange. She’d write a (love) sonnet if she could. Oh the joys of color. Anyway, we are giddy like the girl who got to Barneys Warehouse Sale first. And before you go all jaded on us with a refrain of it’s sad really that a lipstick has you writing this… May I remind you, it’s so bloody fun!

Next, stop-in-your-tracks red for me, and a purple/black hell-yeah-this-will-make-you-stop-in-your tracks lippie for Payal. Gots to live a little, no?

* Dorothy Parker is it. Go google her if you don’t believe me.

Payal is wearing YSL’s Rouge Volupte Lipstick #14 Orange Shiver
Priyanka is wearing YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #7 Le Fuchsia

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  1. Love love the post! I hope you do the fun posts more regularly. You should have posted a picture of red lips and purple/black lips too. Live a lot!

  2. both the colors are fun, fun, fun! I took a U turn on lip color, when the make up consultant at a beauty desk told me that all the Indians as her for maroons and browns, then they should really be embracing pinks and oranges which pop against our warm skin tone. I was a convert immediately and have never looked back. Lets fact it, the ability to play with color and application has a limited time frame for women, plus 50 and you do look odd if you have neon lipstick. So am glad that both of you discovered the joys of color 🙂

    • Please Please promote this comment :)..i so agree with the lady on the counter..hate maroon and brown they should be buried with 90s.

      orange and pink are for us..YAY!

  3. Wow!I could never carry off Fuchsia.Orange?Perhaps.

    You guys,please post your pictures on this blog sometime.I am still confused who’s Payal and who is Priyanka.

  4. As much fun as this is, your faces are quite bleached out. So the lipstick stands out and looks good.
    BUT the only way to really tell if the shade works is if we can see the full face, hair and atleast torso.

    Sorry for being a party pooper 🙁

  5. If you like fuschia, you may want to the bright pink matte shade of Viva Glam that M.A.C carries– it’s not quite fuschia but looks lovely against indian skin anyway. Everytime I put it on, I don’t feel like I need any other make up– try it!


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