1. i like the dress..i prefer it on the model though..but is it shiny on Amrita because of the flashbulbs or is it a different shade than the one on the runway?

  2. what yucky bag is she carrying… and why is carrying it so badly….
    this girl has no sense of style…
    she makes a decent gown look cheap….

  3. she looks nice, but its so obvious she’s always uncomfortable in western gowns etc and trying too hard.

    She should just stick to indian outfits, people can only look amazing if their comfortable.

  4. I think this dress should be reserved for someone sexy and sultry like maybe Nina Manuel. Amrita just lacks the oomph to carry it off. The dress is too long on her and her hair is just plain limp. blah!!!

  5. I covet this dress :)

    It’s truly gorgeous, and had Amrita put her hair up to emphasize the lovely neckline, she would have looked amazing.

    The tweeny bag is hideous, and looks exactly like a pink purse my baby cousin carries around.

  6. There is something about Amrita, that never seems to be right, except in good photo shoots.. I remember her on the cover for Verve and she looked fabulous! But she doesn’t seem to be pulling this at all..

  7. she always look so plain and sooo not -sexy ,

    I loved the shade on model ..dress would look fab on bips …
    i think she should stick to indian dreses …

  8. better than how she looks normally..but the dres looks totally dif on her ..like on the model… yea and the bag she cud have gone with a clutch..and hair tooo..but as u say baby steps


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