In Payal Singhal


It was a Payal Singhal sari for Vidya while at a recent press meet. Wearing her hair up, she finished out her look with some gold jewelry.

Love that she is taking more chances. Can’t fault a single thing; she looked great!

Vidya Balan In Payal Singhal At Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet-1

Vidya Balan At Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet

Vidya Balan In Payal Singhal At Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet-2

Vidya Balan At Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. She is back! She owns the saree and comes out looking her very best wearing one. This is a perfect 10 for me. I love that she has experimented a bit with the neckline of the blouse.

  2. Prey tell how this is taking chances? She looks alright. Nothing extraordinary. She’s a fine actress-taking chances with her attire however if anything is usually detrimental in her case.

    • +1. Only because she is wearing a sari doesn’t mean she looks good. I mean she looks good but in an indian flight attendant way/or as a politician. This sari is not flattering her in any way, I find the design too severe.

  3. She does look nice. But the draping of the pallu is really severe. She needed to soften it up a bit. The silk fabric is soft and would not have added bulk if she had not pleated the pallu. But hair, make-up and jewelry is perfect.

  4. The best I’ve seen her look in recent times! She looks amazing! Methinks she should play the role of a politician in Hindi movie wearing such sarees :D

  5. Yay! VB is back! She may or may not look like an Indian airline crew (please dont say air hostess, its dated and sexist) but shes made an effort. This also helps soothe the Anand Kabra nightmare.

    • What’s sexist about air hostess? It’s air steward and air stewardess or hostess. It really gets my goat when so called feminists start waging unnecessary wars against the minutia of the English language, for no apparent reason. Rant over.

  6. She does not look like an air hostess albeit a glamourised hospital ayah she sure does. Sorry, but the sari is of the same design.
    That said, it suits her face and proportions better hence its good i guess.

  7. this is one of her better looks..neck up i think she looks nice..not a fan of the outfit .. let’s hope you take it up from here

  8. Ugh sari with a border like a pageant sash. Designers think about your border width before “designing”. Like the blouse. Huge improvement from tight blouse yet about to fall off shoulder style she favours.

  9. Man. The classism here is incredible. So she looks like a matron, an ayah, an airline stewardess, a politician because she’s wearing a saree pleated and pinned? These people are human too, people!

    • I agree. There is constructive criticism and then there is contempt. I am really surprised some of these comments actually make it to the site without getting moderated.
      Yes, the saree is too severe for her. But the yellow color looks very cheerful near her face.

    • Agreed! As if it is worst thing to look like a woman who holds her own. Women cry about the patriarchal society all the time but also hate of other women (based on idiotic superficial standards), instead of empowering them. Vidya looks so fine! I love it!

    • Exactly, and this type of criticism is rampant across the blog, across the celebrities. Ayah, Aunty, Clown, Bai, Air Hostess are just few of them. It’s pathetic that it is going unchecked, even if it is just a populist policy.

  10. i am glad she is experimenting…however, on anyone else it would have looked stylish but on her this particular outfit gives me a very uniform, school principal type vibes…

  11. Is it just me or doesn’t she look like the quintessential female advocate/judge?. Just that her saree is not white and she is missing a white coat. She looks lovely neck up.

  12. This in interesting in so much that we have not seen vidya do a share like this. She looks Nice. Reminds me of my school principal. A very elegant lady. For vidya this look is rather severe. Though I think it’s a nice change. As long as it’s a one-off look, I don’t mind

  13. I hate the blouse i mean its boring and so covered. No doubts she is lookn elegant but that blouse is making her look 10 years older. Jazz it up grl

  14. This only looks this good because of a long break between when we saw her in a saree. This saree is so average looking, its a crime to call it designer. The saree drape is completely off.

  15. Payal singhal is a copy cat designer. She has no distinct style of her own, she is constantly ” Inspired” by other designers. I guess she is good friends with the stylists, otherwise why would any one dress out to be air hostess????

  16. Unless she’s campaigning for a political party, this saree SHOULD NOT BE WORN. I am getting a severe Mayawathi vibe here, and I do not mean that in a good way

    • FYI, It is Ms. Mayawati and not Mayawathi and she never wears a Saree. I belong to U.P. and I am better informed about the achievements of the lady you are so casually remarking about. Don’t judge people by their appearance until and unless they are on this blog.

      • It’s a proper noun and misspellings are no great disaster. You say Shweta, she spells Shwetha. Easilhy done.
        Just because you are from somewhere, it don’t mean you are an authority on the local politicians. I should be able to tell you all about the Tories and Lib-Dems. Sadly, I cannot Dhavid Cameroon from Maggie Snatcher. Or Jayalalithaaaaargh from Karunanidhieeye.
        She wasn’t commenting on Maya’s political moves as much as she was about her sartorial choices. It’s should be okay, I assume.

        • When did I say Shweta? For me too, the commentator is Shwetha. I know what I speak. Besides, do we know no other way of criticizing except drawing comparisons? It really gets overboard when commentators pulls in the people from sphere outside this blog. A national leader whose sartorial sense should not be subjected to any policing because that is not her forte. Let us just spare them this policing and let them concentrate on more relevant issues indeed, while we spend our time playing comment-comment on HHC.

  17. She is an incredible actor woman…falling…rising…rising mostly & eliciting most comments on her saratorial sense….on HHC…Pray…u cant ignore her… : p

  18. Is she channeling her inner Indira Gandhi? She could break into “tere bina zindagi se koi…shikwa toh nahin…” any minute.


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