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  1. just me at | | Reply

    As busy as the outfit is, I think she looks better in the first pic.

    1. POP at | | Reply

      +1 she looks nice in the floral outfit and side swept hair. The second look is too safe. Look forward to more of her appearances :) I see a lot of potential and she’s got the big $$ to work with :P

  2. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    Umm, “neither” is a perfectly valid option, you know. ;) C’mon P & P, you guys are being far too nice here.

  3. arpitha at | | Reply

    layered fabric does not suit her.
    she looks better in the suit.

  4. KM at | | Reply

    Of the two horrid options, I suppose the second is mildly better.

  5. karishma at | | Reply

    she seems really down to earth for a billionaire. second look is working well for her.

  6. shwetha at | | Reply

    I saw at Cannes at the festival and she looks much nicer and much slimmer in person (no more than a size 4 surprisingly!). For some reason she doesn’t photograph well at all and looks and looks about 4 sizes more.

  7. shweta at | | Reply

    pray someone update me on who is this person!!!

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