Katrina on Verve: (Un)Covered

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I’ve seen many a covers with Katrina but the June edition of Verve’s the only that had me do a double take. In the sleek hairdo and simple RPS dress, Ms. Kaif looked fierce.

My only gripe, that bracelet. Doesn’t quite fit in.


Left: Rajesh Pratap Singh, A/W 2013
Right: Katrina Kaif on Verve June 2013

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. She plays it so safe.. pretty woman but doesnt seem to have fun with clothes. And the cover.. doesn’t do justice to the cut of the dress. So disappointing.

  2. Drab! The worn out sofa fabric dress and same ol hair and makeup make this cover truly yawn worthy. The only thing interesting about is that KK finally has a new pose!

  3. The look is sooo MEH!
    The Vogue – Power issue should have had a more dramatic cover.. I think Deepika does great covers.

    As for Katrina, her forte is her plain vanilla killer looks … the sleek hair .. dont suit her! Agree with Preety .. she looks dazed ..

    Not her best!

    • its verve not vogue. 🙂 and have to say in true bwood tradition that kareena wins this round. her fierce marie claire cover scores over this blah Katrina one.

  4. Wonder how much the jeweller paid Verve to have that ugly bracelet front and centre on the cover. At least there are no random LV trunks lying around too- small mercies.

  5. It’s not the pout, neither is the outfit , it’s bad and unnecessary photoshopping that lets her down. Up waist it’s Katrina, down wast it’s an alien with their bum cut off. Ridiculous. It distorts the proportions and simply upsets the look and the picture. Why , if I may ask? A cover designer/editor please stad up!

  6. Like most of the comments above, feel the same – beautiful face/body but who doesnt seem to have fun or amp it up with fashion choices – cant help a good natured tongue in the cheek, in addition to taking the boyfriend, Katrina could use with taking some fashion tips or working the cover worthy allure/attitude from Deepika!


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