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  1. love and squalor at | | Reply

    I would really like to see someone be as tan as carol(?) is in this pic at their wedding. Every bride in India piles the makeup on!

  2. Nepali at | | Reply

    I have yet to be familiar with Indian designers, looks elegant.

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Carol and Fleur look great(they are my buddies). Carol does not have a tan, that is her natural colour. I am sure the show must have been fun to watch, even the pics look like they were all having fun.

  4. love and squalor at | | Reply

    anon, I didn’t mean Carol has a tan. Tan is also a color.

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Dear Love and Squalor, what colour are you referring to, her skin or makeup?

  6. sherry at | | Reply

    my,my,what beautiful clothes! but y’know,i like something like what carol is wearing coz more and more brides are partying it up rather than just sit and look pretty. nothing beats comfort on your wedding day. plus, designs like these motivate you to wear them more than once (on very special occasions,of course) rather than stack them away “till death do us part”.(especially considering the dough you spend on dresses like these!)

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Why does Carol look like she’s scowling?

    Almost every show too. I understand that they’re not to smile, but please dont scowl either. Not chic at all.

  8. Anonymous at | | Reply

    PS to my above comment: If she’s not scowling, she looks constipated.

  9. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Designers nowadays do not like models to walk out with a big cheesy grin on their faces, looks stupid and takes away from the clothes. She does not scowl, but looks into the distance, on clear instructions from the choreographer and the desingers. No she does not look constipated, it is an expression she HAS to have, so really unless you are from the fraternity (which I am) you will not understand.

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