It Happens Only To Vidya!

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Above: Vidya Balan at 53rd Filmfare Awards

It’s either that Vidya asks for it or designers simply hate her. Cuz, we really don’t understand why designers like Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, would knowingly make an outfit of theirs sooo ugly by blinging it to the core!

Check out a similar outfit by the designer duo on Shweta Nanda with much much less bling and much more class!

Above: Shweta Nanda at IIFA 2007

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  1. Rashmi,
    Nice spotting! Not a fan of this one either, but still rather be in Ash’s red(only if that was the last outfit left in the world) than this ugly orange!!

  2. I can’t even begin tryin to put the difference between the two outfits into words!
    vidya’s dress looks like somethin from Chandana Bros Diwali bumper sale(southies would get this).

  3. Again a lack of taste for style would be an appropriate phrase. Maybe she doesn’t know what to choose or wear. Fashion/style may not be her focal point, but again, being in the industry, one needs to learn a thing or two besides delivering a dialogue.

  4. ABU/SANDEEP made this? No way they are so clever and classy, what happened…did they have a fight….with each other….and her????


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