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Sushmita Sen

Sure waist up Sush looks fabulous but click on ‘more’ (below) to see why she merits a ‘Not Quite’ from us…

The woman is gorgeous but she had to go ruin it all by wearing a pair of velveteen pyjamas and chappals to Koel Purie’s talk show… Why??!!


Sushmita Sen On Koel Purie’s Talk Show


  1. not expected from Sush……..what’s with her these days?
    I did not like most of what she wore in that dance competition that she was judging. But these pajamas & chappal sure takes the cake.!!

  2. That is the ugliest couch ever- needs to burnt- PRONTO! Couldn’t they find a qualified furniture designer to design one for them? Sorry, totally off topic I know…Just can’t see beyond it!

  3. Koel shouldn’t look too pleased about those shoes either. Especially with that dress and on that couch!!
    Sush, has off late lost it methinks? She used to be such a classy dresser.

  4. WTH? She looks like a well preserved 50 year old instead of someone in her 30s. Her hard living life style has caught up with her. Even older actresses like Juhi and Madhuri look younger.

  5. You know what? I think I have an idea why she dressed like that – she though that it might be a different kind of talk-show where you are only visible up till the waist? Turned out she had to sit on the couch and her legs were visible? That could have been the case..

  6. I adore Sush. I am sure she knew that it was waist up that was going to be in pictures. She looks fab. Her hair, makeup and the rings…………..her smile.
    Rest Koel’s shoes I literally cant stand.

  7. Mokey: ahem, that’s no excuse!!! you dont dress well just to show that you’re a ‘good dresser’!

    i think she must have been sick with a very bad foot injury! either that or we lost our sush forever and ever. she used to look soo hot esp in biwi no. 1!!

  8. Sushmita ji you broke the law by wearing those shoes and you proved that hey if a man can come to a tlak show looking like a guy who was up all night with dirty hair and cloths, why can’t a woman show up with simple clothing and a pair of shoes that she feels comfortable in..good job

  9. Ummm she wanted to be comfortable? I think she looks really nice. A talk show is not like a red carpet or something.
    I like her because she always looks so comfortable with how she looks and you can’t help but admire that.

  10. guys, i haven’t seen the show, so can’t tell definitively, but maybe she just couldn’t be bothered dressing up and told the cameraman to focus on her only waist up. they always do it.


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