Not Quite- Part Deux

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Spotted Priyasri Patodia in a Ranna Gill outfit at the Brinda Miller art exhibition a little while ago… And more recently, at another art showing in a dress/voluminous tunic/kurta paired with denims… Both times quite failing to make that mark!


Left: At Sunil Padwal’s Art Exhibition
Right: At Brinda Miller’s Art Exhibition

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hmm… it could be a nice look but either her kurta is too billowy or her demins are too loose – she needs to wear one or the other more fitted.

  2. its those godawful tights. you get them for like 100 bucks on the roadside and they’re quite cheap looking. to say nothing of the shoes. what a way to ruin a desiger outfit…

  3. First of all, the shoes are hideous. Second, I hate when people blindly follow trends without any regard for their figure/body type. Long flowy tunics make women who aren’t tall and lanky look short and stumpy. Just because it’s a designer outfit doesn’t mean it’s going to make you look good.

  4. She’s the hottest and youngest looking art curator in the city! In fact, in INDIA!

    Don’t you understand?! The very fact that she’s here on this site.. did you get your answer?!


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